Need More Time

Late night admin

I’m wrapping up some bookish writing. And recording. Calling for email amnesty, on the 400 emails I have flagged for response.

But you can help me:

1) I hear if you are not registered/signed-in on Moxie you can’t see Moxie archived posts on WordPress. You have to go to the old MT archives. But I’d like to change that. Anyone know why this happens?

2) If any of you are important and lurking, could you please email me a quote about me? It’s for a book I’m writing. Oh, even if you aren’t important. Email anyway.

Some of you might not be sure what to send, so I am here to help. For instance, you could say, “Mo - you are stupid, fat, ugly and indigent.” like my nutty X boyfriend did. And then sign your name. Just understand it might be published, but not necessarily.

I’m looking for creative and fun shit. Serious quotes by email only, please.

Jokes may be left in the comments. I love that stuff. Go at it.

Mom, Dad? Here’s what you pay for…

One of these alleged adults is from the University of Pittsburgh, a fine institution according to boasts on its website:

So please notice Shenara Reid-Brinkley (No relation to Christie) Assistant Professor, Director of Debate (2007-present):

Hope this wasn’t the world of possibilities Pitt imagined.

How about Bill Shanahan from Fort Hays University? Supported by tax dollars. I’d love to enroll in his persuasion and semantics classes! He talks about writing a “quantitative communication piece which got published in a mainstream communication periodical.” The pride of Kansas, that one.

Perfect viewing for my summer vacation spent at home

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to cancel my long-planned vacation abroad. My UPS guy just knocked and said, “Hi Moxie!” and handed me a package. What the heck was this?!


I’m off to watch Federico Fellini’s Nights of Cabiria, and Ermanno Olmi’s Il Posto, thanks to a very kind friend (and reader).

Thank you! xoxo