Need More Time

No harmful psychological effects with ONE murder

I’m glad the wonderful University of California system is engaging in useful research:

So now we know - elective abortion causes no mental health problems for adult women. Aside from the mental health issue that brought them to have an abortion in the first place.

But really I’d like to talk to and interview the babies who get slaughtered.

Anyone have John Edward’s number? I recall him channeling a dead baby in the courtroom some years ago…

They get paid for this?

My favorite and most recent example of the stupid questions reporters ask arrived in my ears today. After the shaking stopped, I walked down the stairs and over to the corner store.

The guy had the TV blasting, and a KCAL reporter was asking a caller, “So the ground was shaking and things were falling off the walls, as you described. What did you think it was?”

I shouted, “A tsunami! A surprise hurricane! Or a really strong martini before noon!”

Bleech. I’m not even going to address the assault on grammar.

As to why I didn’t leave the compound until after the 5.4 earthquake was over - I watched poor Puff Tatty run out from under the guest room bed and skid on the hardwood. He slid, splayed for another few feet before he got his bearings.

So for me, it’s ride it out, try not to fall down and watch for things that might fall. I fully admit, I was holding my wide screen TV today. Let’s face it - running out the door while the ground is moving, doesn’t even work for cats - who are known for their agility, ability to survive 4 story falls and for their tasty meat.

And how would I survive without my TV?