Need More Time

No one reads blogs on Friday


So it’s either Sunday, or you are engaging in extremely deviant behavior. Shame on you.

Two admin things:

1) By accident I discovered I was linked on Frankly Speaking and added him to the blogroll. He has a great post up about what he overheard at a German restaurant. Makes me miss the one I used to frequent in San Francisco. Germans may be nutty, but they make great food and incredible cars.

Back to the point…

Since I rarely check for myself, if you have added me to your blogroll please leave a comment and I will make sure your kindness is returned. Deadline is Sunday 11:59 PM PT. I will try to do this once a month and keep up with my blogroll in a more efficient fashion.

2) Another way you can help me. Since I know you all need to do your random acts of kindness each and every day.

Have you had a wacky professor? Say, someone whose promise of tenure was based on researching the impact of African postal stamps? Or writing a book about proto-feminist mystics journaling in their maternal voice? If so, please email me or comment. It is research for a book, and you will receive a thank you in the acknowledgments.

My version

I blogged my side of the story, here is Iowahawk’s:

He’s doesn’t know it but we weren’t THAT far off 80. I did push each gear but I’d say we maxed out at 60 on the side streets. And we only had ONE maybe two blocks to travel.

And my car does have a hot chassis and huge rack.

For all you nutjobs who wanted a pic of me and my car, here is one shamelessly borrowed from Iowahawk:

Check out his full post about his time in Teh Peephole’s Republik of Kalifornia…and also how gorgeous and perfect his kids are…god bless Mr. and Mrs. Hawk.