Need More Time

Sealing the Deal

Guess many of you have noticed the John McCain button on my site. While I was never going to vote for Obama in November, I was so favorably impressed with JacMac’s answers during the Saddleback Church forum over the weekend, it sealed the deal. I’m going to vote for him, even though it won’t count (because I live in one of the most ridiculously liberal states in the nation).

His answers on education, Supreme Court justices, taxes and the abortion issue were near perfect.

But the most impressive thing was how Senator McCain doesn’t give off the stink of narcissism the way both Clintons and Obama reek of liberally. He’s really in the race to serve, not because he feels he is personally entitled to add POTUS to his resume. You have to love that in a politician. Very rare indeed.

The magical swim suit

I’ve been busting my backside on 5 different projects, but I have stopped momentarily to notice all the American Olympic gold in swim competitions is ‘allegedly’ due to the magical swimming costume, if you ask anyone who hates America (i.e., any liberal in America) or anyone who is from another country but trying desperately to defect, or border crash.

That’s how much America sucks

So, I’ve put in an order for one of those magical swimsuits. I imagine not only will I swim faster, but I’ll look better and think smarter and in general be more successful. You never know when that could come in handy.

Just think of John Edwards.

Had he been wearing one when he went to visit his mistress and his alleged love child - instead of hiding in the bathroom and waiting for the Beverly Hilton security to escort him out of the stall - he could have flushed himself down the toilet. In record speed.

And maybe even had himself a 400 dollar haircut before the story hit the Enquirer.