Need More Time

Something to do every chance you get

(Besides making liberals cry)

Was walking in the hood and a truck pulled up into a parking lot. Back window had a huge sticker, ‘Marine Veteran’. Big strong, amazing man got out of the truck.

I asked, “are you the Vet?”

He didn’t hesitate but looked skeptical.

“Yes Ma’am. That’s me.”

“I just wanted to thank you,” I said. And I got the biggest smile, one that warmed my cold Republican heart and not just because he was incredibly handsome. It must be rare in Los Angeles, to be thanked for one’s service.

If you see a member of our military, don’t forget to say thanks…


I guess this is a great time to point out Jake Rademacher’s film, ‘Brothers at War’. Please go watch the trailer, if you haven’t seen it already.

Oh wait…here. Let’s see if this works!

Random story from the weekend

Was just looking tv, and it seems he is already on an overseas goodwill mission. God loves an optimist.

The stories reminded me of a nice exchange this weekend.

What makes him travel so funny, is on Saturday my beloved housekeeper said, “My neighbor, he says our new President is going to make world peace. Everything will be nice. Everyone have money.” Then she scowled. I love this woman!

So I asked how old her neighbor is, and she gave me an answer that applies to all men, emotionally at least. He’s 10.

Tried to explain that he’s not our new President and that hopefully this rockstar’s Democratic campaign win will be his one hit wonder. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still learning to love McCain and I’m nowhere close to wanting him to be my boyfriend.

I continued ranting to my housekeeper, shockingly, speaking much of this in Spanish - that his biggest security worry while traveling is not found abroad. He should be most worried about being in DC near Hillary Clinton, who seems convinced he is going to die soon.

Not to suggest any of those factually correct rumors about all the people connected to the Clintons who ended up dead are indicative of his future….but I’d be really, really scared of Hillary. Or, maybe this is why Obama fled to the middle east. Safer there.

Ostensibly, my housekeeper understood my broken Spanish, because after all this she said, “Yes! And your Spanish is very good!” She said this in English.