About the Watch

This site is an information site on the Colorado newspapers, but most of all we respect The Watch Newspaper. Over here we just will explain a bit about this newspaper and we hope you become their fans.

The Watch is a newspaper headquartered in Telluride, a city in Colorado. The official site is Telluridenews.com/the_watch

It caters for the 60,000+ audience both via print media and with online presence with the help of its media products the Telluride Daily Planet, the Watch and the Norwood Post. The laureled Telluride Daily Planet is owned by an independent entity and has a glorious history of winning several professional awards; it covers both Telluride and its regional neighborhood. It originated long back in 1898 under the name of Telluride Times.

Its issues are distributed three times a week across the area including Telluride, Mountain Village, Ridgway, Norwood, and Rico. Its outreach also covers some parts of the San Miguel and Ouray counties. The overall online and print weekly readership exceeds 50 thousand persons, which places the Telluride Daily Planet at the top of local news providers and advertisers; it also caters for the informational and commercial needs of the area’s visitors. Experiencing over one century of development and growth in a small suburban area of the Telluride resort in Colo, this media source has mostly avoided the challenges of contemporary media landscapes’ evolution. 2014 became a glorious year for the newspaper winning the Best News Reporting, and Best Layout and Design and several additional awards from the Colorado Press Association.

The Norwood Post provides high-quality news and informational coverage in the entire Wright’s Mesa area; it is issued once a week both in the print and online versions – on Wednesdays – as the Telluride News source. This media source provides latest highlights of sports and business life of the Norwood community and the neighborhood, and hosts freshest news and expert opinion.

The family of Telluride Newspapers also includes the Watch covering the geographical areas of Telluride and Mountain Village, Ouray and Ridgway, Montrose, as well as some farther areas, e.g., Rico and Norwood. Locals select the Watch as a major source of latest community news, sports events announcements and reviews, and entertainment publications. Additional products of the Telluride Newspapers include Shelter Magazine, the Adventure Guide and Summer Guide – these are less regular media products issued only once in six months.