Telluride Medical Center Grateful for Generous Donations
by Diana Koelliker, MD
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I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for the generous donations received from the Telluride Medical Center’s annual fundraiser, Operation F.E.A.S.T. (Fund for Expanding and Supporting Telluride Medical Center). The money raised in years past has enabled us to purchase life saving medical equipment. Much of this equipment enhances our ability to take care for our patients. A perfect example is the 16-slice CT scanner purchased in November 2008. This one piece of equipment has had an immense impact on our overall patient care. This scanner can perform a head/brain CT in approximately 30 seconds, whereas our old scanner took several minutes. This is further exemplified in the multi-trauma patient who might require several scans (like head, chest and abdomen) at the same time. Our previous scanner would frequently overheat when used for more than three studies at a time and the process took substantially longer (40-45 minutes compared to our current 4-5 minutes).

Additionally, our current scanner has broader capabilities and produces higher quality images allowing us to treat patients here in Telluride instead of sending them out of town. As an example, our CT is able to do angiograms, which look at the vasculature of various body systems like the lungs or brain. This allows us to determine if a blood clot or a blood vessel abnormality is the source of a patient's ailment. In the past, we had to transfer all of these patients—some as far as Grand Junction to have this done. Not only has this proven to be more convenient for our patients; but also, as a physician it has enhanced my ability to provide state-of-the-art care in my own community.

We at the Medical Center are so thankful for the generosity shown at each F.E.A.S.T fundraiser and are hopeful that this year (March 13 at The Conference Center) will continue in that tradition. This year's F.E.A.S.T net proceeds will help fund our upcoming ER remodel which will address the lack of privacy that our patients currently experience by adding more private exam rooms and enhanced patient monitoring. While it may not solve all of our space problems, it will allow us to better care for our patients in a professional and efficient environment. Since no one is immune to ending up in the ER, many in our community may share the benefit.

Diana Koelliker, MD
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