In Surprise Move, Norwood, Telluride and Mtn. Village Build Joint Rec Center | Up Bear Creek
by Art Goodtimes
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PLACERVILLE SITE … Not chosen, since on April Fool’s, one should never trust headlines. Some would say there’s never a day we can trust headlines. Or better, never trust media. And yet we do. We depend on a free press in a democracy to educate as well as inform us of significant events and trends and changing circumstances … Newspapers are one of a community’s best tools for building resilience in the face of change … So, don’t trust us today and don’t trust us unconditionally (that’s what letters to the editor are for). But do know we try to keep your trust for 364 days of the year.

RANGERXPRESS … Get ready. The wheels are starting to roll. There are lots of ballot initiatives being proposed by groups on behalf of citizens. So, start reading up or you’ll be overwhelmed at the ballot box come November … RangerXpress is a 2008 ballot initiative for a Colorado-wide passenger rail system, running roughly parallel to I-25 and I-70. Funded by a 4/10 of one-cent sales tax over 20 years, in just ten years it is projected to create 355,000 new jobs, increase business sales by $ 34 billion, and re-establish public rail passenger service from Denver to Grand Junction and Fort Collins to Trinidad.

CLERK PEGGY NERLIN … If you haven’t had a chance to visit the County Clerk’s reorganized ground floor offices in the newly-refurbished County Courthouse, you’re in for a treat. Peggy has done a wonderful job bringing warmth, efficiency and a handsome public face to this historic space … Instead of standing-room-only jockeying at the dock for licenses, plates or just plain information, there’s a stylish waiting room and individual desks with clerks eager to serve you. Across the hall she’s moved the appropriate archival functions to be closer to the safe. And when she’s there, Peggy’s door is always open to welcome and provide citizens with information and help … Given the wonderful job she’s done wading through the state confusion over voting equipment, connecting her operations into the county computer system, working with other county and regional offices, as well as providing on-going and pioneering local citizen education, I think we need to nominate Peggy Nerlin as Colorado’s Clerk of the Year.

LARGE HADRON COLLIDER … If it isn’t a black hole we’re risking, like the virus in I Am Legend, than let’s at least hope we can find a cure for our American war-i-ness as a society … Enough arms dealer, let’s be peace keepers for a democratic League of Nations. Yes we can.

WEEKLY QUOTA … “Colorado conservatives are reeling after Republicans lost both the Legislature and governor’s mansion for the first time in more than four decades. The local Republican party is so unhinged that it hired a buffoon named Dick Wadhams to save it – the same Dick Wadhams who most recently made headlines running Sen. George “Macaca” Allen’s 2006 re-election campaign into the ground, effectively ending the Virginia lawmaker’s political career.” – David Sirota, whose syndicated column appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, March 14, 2008.

STATS … There’s an interesting email making the rounds on line, purporting to show the number of U.S. military deaths for each year between 1980 and 2006. What’s striking in the email is that the numbers for the Clinton years are nearly double the number of military deaths in the GW Bush years. And a reference is cited, which turns out to be a Congressional Research Report by Fischer, Klarman, and Oboroceanu updated from June 29, 2007 … The reference looks real. And it most likely is. There’s only one small problem – if you actually read the reference cited, the number of deaths in the report are not the same as those in the email. Instead of 2,465 active duty military deaths in Clinton year 1995, as the email claims, the report only cites 1,040. The same for 1996 (2,318 in the email, 974 in the report). And so on … Plus the vast majority of deaths in the Clinton years are overwhelmingly illness and accident, hardly any due to hostile duty deaths (zero in 1995, 1 in 1996). Just the opposite in the Bush years … You know, it’s terrible whenever we lose active duty soldiers, whether in war or peace. But it’s one thing to succumb to accident and illness, and another to be put in harm’s way by a President lying to the American people. And even more shameful that someone would try to twist stats to make it seem like the deaths in Bush’s War weren’t larger than our peacetime losses. Shame on Bush. Shame on misleading emails.

ROAD RAGE … Why would the state build a passing lane on Keystone, and then leave several thousand feet of two lanes unmarked once you crest the hill, causing confusion, merge madness, and allowing only a very limited number of cars to pass the cement trucks that we spent $10 million dollars to be able to drive around?

COMMUTER WHINE … Having to do 35 mph from the Brown Homestead to the 30 mph speed limit sign seems ironic for those of us rushing into work, sometimes late, on clogged state highways. Why make us go slow on the only good portion of the road and then have us bust tires on potholes for the whole rest of the Spur, at whatever speed?

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Norwood Hill

-Hai-Couth #27

A rock slab the size of

my skull careens off a cliff.

Slams down. I swerve!

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April 04, 2008
Norwood Hill Haiku

Going up Norwood Hill in Spring

Right eye on the road

Left eye looking up

There's Lone Cone and I'm still alive!!!