Without a Home Halfpipe, Snowboarders Enter Competition 'Cold Turkey'
by Martinique Davis
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The Telluride Ski Resort's burgeoning "quarterpipe" was not built in time for the area's young snowboard athletes to garner any home-mountain practice before they jetted to Snowmass last weekend to compete in a halfpipe competition. But lack of a practice venue neither daunted nor deterred snowboarders from the Telluride Mountain School and the Telluride Ski and Snowboard Club from racking up strong finishes against their Aspen area competitors, as local boarders dominated in both the halfpipe and boardercross competitions.

"The biggest thing I saw from all the Telluride athletes was that is was a good experience for them to compete against kids their own age, but who weren't the same kids they've been competing against all season," said TSSC snowboard coach Kirk Davis. "The Aspen coaches were really excited to have us there, and as one of the bigger contests before nationals, it was nice to have a smaller venue where the kids weren't under so much pressure, but definitely still felt the pressure of competition."

The event, although hosted in Snowmass, was a part of the USASA Southwest Series tour. Due to lack of snow, and hence lack of a halfpipe or boardercross course, events had to be moved to other venues farther north. The Aspen regional series graciously allowed boarders from the Southwest Series to "piggyback" on their halfpipe and boardercross events, enabling local riders to garner much needed competition experience before the snowboard Nationals event this spring.

"Even though Telluride athletes were racing for their own points in their own series, there was still a very real feeling of competition, with all the Telluride kids gunning for first place against the Aspen kids," TMS head snowboard coach, Jason Troth, said of the event. "Our kids were going in there cold turkey, and had to rely on their freeriding skills to get them through the competitions. They did exceptionally well considering they have no training venue at home."


Junior Women, ages 16-17

Fern Miller (TMS), 3rd overall, 1st Southwest Series

Youth Women, ages 14-15

Molly Cooney (TSSC), 2nd overall, 1st Southwest Series

Youth Men, ages 14-15

Hagen Kearney (TMS), 1st overall

Layton Hebert (TSSC), 4th overall, 2nd Southwest Series

Josh Stump (TSSC), 9th overall, 3rd Southwest Series

Mike Nelson, 11th overall, 4th Southwest Series

Breaker Boys, ages 12-13

Cyrus Bennett (TSSC), 1st overall

Harry Kearney (TMS), 3rd overall, 2nd Southwest Series

Jerry Mark (TSSC), 3rd Southwest Series

Danny West (TSSC), 4th Southwest Series

Menehune Boys, ages 10-11

Jack Jones (TMS), 5th overall, 1st Southwest Series

Beecher Cooney (TSSC), 2nd Southwest Series

Fletcher Reich (TSSC), 3rd Southwest Series

Nicholas Nelson (TSSC), 4th Southwest Series

Grommet Boys, ages 8-9

Michael Fortenberry (TMS), 1st overall


Junior Men

Dylan Cooney (TSSC), 1st overall

Youth Women

Molly Cooney (TSSC), 1st overall

Youth Men

Hagen Kearney (TMS), 1st overall

Layton Hebert (TSSC), 3rd overall, 2nd Southwest Series

Josh Stump (TSSC), 5th overall, 3rd Southwest Series

Mike Nelson (TSSC), 7th overall, 4th Southwest Series

Breaker Boys

Harry Kearney (TMS), 1st overall

Cyrus Bennett (TSSC), 5th overall, 2nd Southwest Series

Jerry Mark (TSSC), 11th overall, 3rd Southwest Series

Menehune Boys

Beecher Cooney (TSSC), 3rd

overall, 1st Southwest series

Jack Jones (TMS), 6th overall, 2nd Southwest Series

Nicholas Nelson (TSSC), 7th overall, 3rd Southwest Series

Fletcher Reich (TSSC), 9th overall, 4th Southwest Series

Grommet Boys

Michael Fortenberry (TMS), 2nd overall, 1st Southwest Series

A home snowboard competition will take place next weekend, on Saturday, Feb. 4, with the Air Garden opening for a Southwest Series slopestyle event.
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