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Preserve Open Minds as Well as Open Spaces!


Even as our community scrambles to save the Valley Floor, I want to alert everyone to another local resource in need of preservation. Each year, our town has shown an amazing level of generosity in contributing scholarship monies designed to assist our young people in realizing their ambitions for a higher education. I hope this year will be no different.

Indeed, the members of Telluride High School's class of 2007 have already begun to see their hard work and passion for learning rewarded in the form of acceptance letter from colleges and universities here in Colorado as well as across the country. In some cases, these students are the first among their families to aspire for a college degree; in others, they have stretched themselves and won admission to some of the most exclusive campuses in the nation. The letters of acceptance keep rolling in; and, given the extremely competitive nature of the college admissions landscape these days, these letters themselves represent a remarkable accomplishment on the part of our students.

However, getting into college, while a significant feat in and of itself, is only part of the challenge facing our students. Paying for it is another. As most of your readers are aware, the cost of a higher education – whether at a state university or a private college – have skyrocketed in the past few years (far outstripping the rate of inflation). Moreover, colleges financial aid officials take into account family income, but not living expenses – a calculus that puts many of our local residents at a distinct disadvantage. And while our seniors continue to be offered impressive grants and scholarships along with those letters of acceptance, in many cases there remains a shortfall – the margin between realizing a dream, and deferring it.

On May 23, our community will gather in the Palm to celebrate our seniors' accomplishments, and to award scholarships designed to help local families bridge that gat between hope and reality. There is still time for members of the community to participate in Senior Awards Night. Again, with all thoughts on the Valley Floor, I can understand that most of us may be feeling tapped out. It is my hope, however, that folks will recognize the value in preserving open minds as well as open spaces.

Those interested in contributing can contact me, or Robin Hope, at 728-4377, x 134.

Thank you for your support!

– Karen Lavendar, THS College Counseling

Just Say No to Pesticides


OK, the time has come to stop spraying any weed killers. The bees and the monarch butterfly are already almost extinct already. Without these insects, we humans may very well starve to death, because we need pollinators for our food.

The bad news is good news, sometimes.

Just say no to pesticide.

We work from the love and peace in our hearts

How else could I/we do this?

– Big Bird Gesus

The Fault Is in Ourselves


Despite the fact that Mr. Schultheis's writings regarding the Valley Floor verdict in Delta received two weeks worth of Letters to the Editor, all of them highly critical of his venomous commentary, he remains unrepentant. His current column, while less abusive continues to blame others for his shortcomings, is void of any literary value and most importantly, is inane. As keeping Mr. Schultheis on your staff does not speak well for your newspaper, his comments should be relegated to Letters to the Editor.

Respectfully yours,

– Harvey Roisman
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