‘Modern World’ Cartoon Offensive
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I guess when you have a President that is failing in all of his policies, it is natural to turn to one of the worst presidents in history, Jimmy Carter, in order to play the “Race Card.” As a born and bred Southerner who lived in the South when everything was “colored” or “white;” who worked side by side with blacks in agricultural fields when it was a good summer job for a high-school student and a means of life support for blacks; who had a Saturday football game in the front yard with blacks and whites playing together (this is in the 1950s); who had to join a restaurant “club” in order to eat out; who endured watching automobile processions of 100 or more cars with KKK flags go up and down the highways and who watched mostly “peaceful” integration take place in the South and who also watched in horror when the good people of Boston burned school buses and police cars when the same “busing” standards were applied to them, I feel as though I am imminently qualified to make a comment regarding the Race Card. It is only played out of desperation! Blaming Bush is not getting anywhere. Blame Bush on Iraq, but what about Obama’s war in Afghanistan liberal peaceniks – I guess it is OK. Who are the people who are playing the race card? It appears to be every liberal in the US. Admit it, you have run out of real issues. Global warming, talk to China and India. Unemployment, great news, it was only up 530,000 last month, a “downward” trend. The stimulus package, a joke. Cash for Clunkers, sloppily run. Federal control of health insurance, a sham. And then I turn to page 42 of the September 24 Watch and see the sickest and most offensive piece I have ever read called “The Modern World” written by a sicko who is apparently afraid to use his or her real name. (Beware, racist rednecks are watching your every move!) This is gutter trash of the lowest form. Anyone who read it and enjoyed it should get on the train to the loony-bin.

So, that’s it for now. This probably will not be published anyway (fair and equal journalism). However, I do commend the Watch for taking a little more of a “center of the road” approach to many issues.

Jon Nelson, Bainbridge, Ga.
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