Goodtimes:Blissing Out in the Shadow of Mount Lamborn | Up Bear Creek
by Art Goodtimes
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DREAMTIME … Want to dream the future? Then mark your mid-July calendar next summer for the annual gathering of the New Age clans on Rodgers Mesa outside Paonia … …

Tara Miller and Sam Brown hosted a Talking Gourds theme camp within the multi-acre grounds with neighborhood names like Boundless Flats, Fifth Dimension and Wonderland. They held poetry circles and erected a lovely huge arched tent that provided cool shade, even in the hottest part of the day. They also happen to be solar cooking wizards, and they baked and boiled for all the neighbors, with a range of ovens, some they built themselves out of cardboard and aluminum foil … The main stage hosted great bands like Kan’Nal and Fractalia, medicine folks like Aum Rak with her fire ceremony and the Aztec Dancers. And yours truly even got to do a little poetry and political pep talk … There was this dreamy Rainbow energy in the air the whole weekend – lots of folks lounged, chatted, called each other “brother” and “sister.” One was constantly running into friends from Boulder, Aspen, Santa Fe. Cooling cloud cover mitigated the harsh site, pocked with its burned out P-J stumps and rampant cheatgrass, which – in the sun – baked unbearably. To cool off in the oven of Sunday’s cloudless blue, I swam in the pond with my boy, Gorio, and we had a great time, splashing, chasing a giant inflatable turtle moored to one of the wooden docks … Dreamtime’s range of workshops and events were boggling – literally hundreds, and they ran the gamut from Archangel Rainbow Michael’s Divine Crystal Singing Bowls, to Carri Arata’s American Tribal Style Belly Dance, to Smyth Boone’s Hug Parade, to Jack Reed’s Art and Ease of Making Wheatgrass Juice … Dreamtime is easily the Western Slope’s most ecstatic alternative festival. Join us next year.

GINA GREEN … Maybe the most impressive Dreamtime workshop I attended was Meridian Balancing with a specialist from Nebraska, who integrated both eastern and western techniques of healing into a simple practice of tapping out pain and emotional trauma. “Acupuncture without the needles,” she called it … Of course, western trained, I started out a skeptic. But when Gina taught a simple tapping sequence for stopping bloody noses to my 8-year-old, who’d been having bloody noses almost daily for a week – and, after 30 seconds of tapping it worked  the very next time he had one, I turned believer … And, darn, if my sciatica didn’t start feeling a little better. Plus, Gina taught us a very simple but effective tapping treatment for headaches. Truthfully, that’s what I loved best about what she was doing. She was teaching us how to heal ourselves (the Wise Woman way) … Connect to Gina on-line,

STEVE WOOD … Wanna buy a mountain bench? It’s a dazzling creation by Colorado sculptor Steve Wood, who worked with local kids on the mural at the old youth center. He calls his company Concrete Couch, and the bench in question is a multicolored terra cotta piece that would be the focal point of any wild yard … For more info, call Steve at 719.685.4422 … His work is everywhere to be found in parks and on street corners in Manitou Springs.

IMPEACHMENT … For those poor deluded folks who still cling to Bush the Younger as supreme unimpeachable leader of the free world, get over it. We lost the high moral ground when our president started ordering torture and detention without habeas corpus, in contravention of the Geneva Accords, and all international treaties … Or maybe even before that, when George W & Dick just out&out lied their way into war. Their crimes make Clinton look like a schoolboy in Alcatraz … I left the Dems when Clinton didn’t resign (as any public official with integrity would have done, under the circumstances, having been caught in a web of lies – “she didn’t inhale”) … And if you don’t believe me, try reading the last book of Chalmers Johnson’s American trilogy – Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Empire (Metropolitan Books, 2007). Johnson names names, like “the seven morons who lost the war“ – Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Gonzalez, Gen. Tyler, Lieut. Gen. Sanchez, and Sen. John Warner (R-Virginia)

ELAINE FISCHER … Opens a dazzling show of new abstracts at TCAH’s Stronghouse Studios. Color, bands, curves and complications energize her poster piece. The lines are strong, fluid, and yet there is an ethereal softness to the transparent gauze of her flexed ribbons – overlaying the busy cacophony of a background coloratura … Opening reception for Elaine this Thursday, Aug. 2, from 4:30 to 8 p.m., 283 S. Fir (one block downhill from Jerry’s Bakery). Wine and light bites provided … For info, 728.8959.

POSITIVELY FOURTH STREET … As it happened, Dylan was here in Telluride just as I finished reading David Hajdu’s fascinating book about The Lives and Times of Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Mimi Baez Fariña and Richard Fariña (North Point Press, New York, 2001). I was a hardcore Fariña fan. Still am, really. His songs. His poetry. His dulcimer playing. The novel Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me (Random House, New York, 1966) … Hadju’s book fills in lots of details, some of them not so flattering, particularly about Dylan. But Fariña, killed in a motorcycle accident the day of his first novel’s publication party, and now legend, continues to inspire. See


San Miguel Peacewalkers

The eleventh of every month marching

the length of Colorado Avenue.

No permit.

Giving witness

with banner & drum

to the infinite injustice

of this national madness!

Torturing prisoners!

Hiring mercenaries to staff

our techno-industrial resource wars!

Halliburton! Blackwater!

And we the Populi of this new Rome

don’t have to fight.

Are no longer drafted.

Exempt. Immune. Unaffected

While our poorest volunteer.

Hoping to come back

in triumph

& not in a box.

Not another cross in the grass.

No more stars on the flag.

Boom! Kablam!

Welcome, my ass,

it’s Uncle Sam!

Shattered glass.

 Wisps of smoke.

How can we not

keep walking

month after month?

As though mere gesture

could alter

the course of stone.

As if we could somehow atone.

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