Hey, Brandon Marshall, You (and Your Bling) Are Out
by Gus Jarvis
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While Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall showed up to Broncos training camp physically, he wasn’t there mentally. In fact, he didn’t want to be there at all.

What has become apparent is that Marshall, who is Denver’s best receiver, is not happy with the way things have gone in Denver under new head coach Josh McDaniels. Marshall, at a private meeting with Broncos owner Pat Bowlen last June, said he wants out. Bowlen, according to The Denver Post said he would like to accommodate Marshall’s trade.

So why even show up to training camp on a team you know you don’t want to play for? Well, in Marshall’s case, he was paid a combined $1.5 million for the first three seasons he played with the Broncos and is scheduled to get paid by the end of this year a total of $2.19 million. This isn’t enough to cover the bling that B-Marsh would like to be blinging around town and if he were to hold out past Aug. 11, it would cost him his fourth credited season in the National Football League and that would put him a year out from unrestricted free agency. Oh, yeah, he would also have to pay a daily fine of $15,000 for skipping training camp. That will put a hurting on the bling.

So he showed up for Broncos training camp but he really doesn’t want to be in Denver. And I guess I can understand his beef with the organization in that he is getting paid a measly salary and has caught over 100 passes the past two seasons. This is good reason for Marshall to want out. He is a good player (I’m not sure if he is consistent enough to make the big, big bucks, but he is better than what he is getting paid) and should be compensated for it.

The best and most entertaining part of this whole B-Marsh showing up for training camp story is the fact that Marshall’s agent, Kennard McGuire (no not Jerry Maguire, but close) was at Broncos headquarters at 8 a.m. on Monday banging on the Broncos General Manger Brian Xanders’ door saying “Show me the money! Show me the money!”

McGuire must have been desperate that morning as his boss had to show up and run wind sprints for coaches he does not like who work for an organization he does not want to play with. (I wonder if B-Marsh has in his contract with his agent a clause that says a certain amount of money can be dropped from the total payment for every wind sprint he has to run for the Broncos organization? I would. I hate those damn things.)

So B-Marsh and his cheap bling want out of the Broncos. Let him go. A few weeks ago, I was pretty furious with the Broncos organization myself. We fired Shanahan. We traded Cutler. Now we have made B-Marsh unhappy and are going to have to trade him on out. I’d had it.

But now a cool calm as overwhelmed me (call it football Zen if you will) and I, as an absent-minded Bronco fan, will sail on this ship that Bowlen has set for the team. I am all in, for good or ill. If B-Marsh doesn’t want to play for the Broncos, he can go play with the Raiders or even the Vikings. I hear they are having a great time waiting for an old man to take charge of that team. Have fun B-Marsh. Like Cutler, we will miss you until you catch your plane out of here.

I really hope that Bowlen and Co. are looking to sell B-Marsh for a great trade. We need a blue-collar, hard-nosed running back who will pound the rock this season and remain uninjured. If we aren’t going to pass the ball, let’s put the team’s nose to the grindstone and pound the rock. The Broncos can still be that bad-assed defensive-powerhouse of a team that is complimented by a tough running game. You hear me McDaniels? Defense first. Pound the rock second. The bling can go to other teams. I like that.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what to expect from McDaniels’ new system. So I can only hope. What I truly hope is that the Broncos, with all the bitching and moaning from the bling players (Cutler included, even though he got no bling), is that the team plays with a chip on its shoulder all year and frankly beats the hell out of the teams they wind up going to.

As my high school defensive coordinator used to say: “You are either in or you are out.” You, Brandon Marshall, with all your cheap, wannabe bling, are out.

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PJ Keith
July 30, 2009
Bling Blow hoop dies. I agree. He's underpaid but he's a Diva. Give me 52 guys who want to play for the best organization in football. Let him go. Take your women beatin hands back down to Flordia or Oakland and see if you can cut the sh*t out of your other arm drunkily falling through a window...or slipping on a hamburger wrapper from McDonalds. Good riddance. War Tommy Nalen, War DJ Williams, War Peyton Hillis, and War Ryan Clady. I'm out.
July 30, 2009
Great article as always Gus, and B-Marsh would definitely be OUT in ol' Johnny R's book. HEY WWWRREEETTTSSS GOOOOOO!

Seriously though, despite his DUI and wife beating antics, B-Marsh is underpaid. NFL contracts are not guaranteed so nobody give me that "a man should fulfill his contract" line, because the NFL often doesn't have to fulfill their side. Either pay him the money he is worth or trade him for something you like. I would suggest more defense.

Go Denver Patriots- I think I just threw up in my mouth. Man, I sure hope Josh McD knows what he is doing.

Bling Bling,

The Diesel