Take a Deeper Look at Where You Live
by Jackie Schwab
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As I have spent more time away from Ouray and my family, I find I have a greater appreciation for the community in which I was born and raised. The heart and values of its members are hard to come by in the world we live. Even more difficult to find are public servants who put others above their own egotism and career advancement.

Ed Witherspoon has been threatened with termination from his job two weeks before Christmas.  This should be a time when families rejoice in the gifts they are grateful for in life; this time of the season should not be spent worrying about the security of your employment. Ed has dedicated 15 years of his life to the service of his community, all for what you might ask?  For it to be spit back in his face and labeled as an ineffective, insubordinate, and an inconsequential human being. 

These are the reasons he was provided with and frankly I am utterly disgusted with the individuals responsible for these actions. Punishing a person for mistakes made after they requested assistance is not illegal, but completely immoral. I implore the citizens of Ouray to see what is going on in the community where you live. 

Ed has always taken pride in knowing he has helped all those he can in a day. The City of Ouray and the Public Works department will be losing an honest, hard-working, lifetime member of the community. Fiscally, the community will be losing years of inside knowledge and how hard he has worked to receive all of his extensive licensures – licensures that have been paid for by you the taxpayer.

Ed has spent countless hours acquiring and using his knowledge to keep Ouray’s citizens safe in a portion of its infrastructure that receives little to no attention unless something goes wrong.  As a child, I remember watching my father risking his life many times when Skyrocket or North Oak flooded or when the snow piled up on a Christmas Eve and he would have to go plow through the night and into the morning. Ed has sacrificed many things over 15 years to keep your community safe and his family provided for. Please sacrifice five minutes of your time to remind everyone of your heart and values that make Ouray such a wonderful community.  Speak with and let Public Works Director Dennis Erickson and City Administrator Patrick Rondinelli know how much you appreciate Ed and the loss the entire City of Ouray would suffer if he were to be terminated. 


 – Jackie Schwab 

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