R&R | The Jauntee Tours Colorado
by Adam Smith
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THE JAUNTEE (Courtesy photo)
THE JAUNTEE (Courtesy photo)

New England has been sending more than a few of its fresh bands to The Moon this summer, and Boston’s The Jauntee are on deck to show us the goods next in Telluride. Onstage the four-piece comprised of the standard guitar, bass, keys and drums lineup could be easily written off. Yet their multifaceted improvisation rock leaning towards simple funk progressions and inevitable single instrument solos has redeeming qualities under the hood. 

While a hollow body-wielding guitarist squeezing in more notes per second than the next guy may be commonplace in the up and coming jamrock world, there is still something to be said for bands like The Jauntee that attempt to progress it into the next era. Tracks like “Blowin’ Up the B Line” off their 2012 release Enjoy The Ride break into experimental jazz movements more akin to the oddball sounds of The Dead Kenny G’s than their overt emulation of traditional jam bands like Phish. 

Their vocal delivery struggles, even in the studio, and some of the lyrics jump between nonsensical and flat, like on “Portland,” but there are moments where these launching pads could push into interesting sonic landscapes on the improvisational end. Seeing what they can do is worth the trip to The Moon.  

The Jauntee, Thu., Aug. 29, Fly Me to the Moon Saloon, Telluride, flymetothemoonsaloon.com

Colorado Springs is his home, Black Tape is his record label, and boot bottom dirty folk is his weapon of choice. Grant Sabin can go gritty blues, halt into lucid roots ballads, or stroke power chord rock with rockstar effortlessness. His 2012 release Anthromusicology is a sojourn through each of these styles, sometimes tapping into a mix of each within the play of one song. His raspy tone is a filter for sweet vocal notes that sneak through the mix from time to time, and lyrically his homage to blues is palpable. He pours his heart into the tape and I imagine the creases on his fingers have formed from years of fret mashing at festivals and dark bars across the state. In an era of rebooting the heyday of past genres, it seems as if Sabin get’s it, and more importantly he has it. If you’re remotely close to Grand Junction on Friday this is the show to see. 

Grant Sabin, Fri., Aug. 30, Cruiser’s Bar, Grand Junction, 9:30 p.m., cruisersgj.com

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