Death Rides a Horse
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Death Rides a Horse
Death Rides a Horse
“When you’ve waited fifteen years to find a’s a shame you can only kill him once!” That tagline captures the perverse pleasures of this largely forgotten Spaghetti Western, presented here by Sony Pictures Classics co-president and co-founder Michael Barker. The plotline is familiar: a young gunslinger (John Phillip Law) finds a mentor (Lee Van Cleef), and they enter into a game of one-upmanship in destroying a cruel gang of criminals. Barker saw the film as a kid on an American Army base in Germany in the 60s, and the vibe—with acid flashbacks and bursts of shocking violence—is redolent of that time. Tarantino fans will discover some of his richest source material and Western fans a rewarding riff on familiar themes.

Death Rides a Horse | Italy, 1967, 114m | Director: Giulio Petroni

Starring: John Phillip Law, Lee Van Cleef

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