About that Soda Tax
by David Dealy, Ridgway
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I just finished reading Peter Lundeen’s excellent letter to the editor about the proposed Telluride Soda Tax.  I am dismayed, though, that such a well written and researched letter would overlook some important points. 

First of all, my wife drinks sugar-free drinks, better known as diet drinks.  Will these drinks be exempt?  One of my beverages of choice when I eat out is one-half regular Coca Cola or Pepsi and one half diet Coke or diet Pepsi. 

Am I going to be charged ½ cent per ounce since only half of my drink has sugar?  And what about “free refills?”  Will the wait person be responsible for figuring out that now if I have 2 refills, each of approximately 10 ounces which means 5 ounces of sugar drink, will I be charged an extra tax on my lunch tab?  What if I switch to only diet drink after the first one?  What if I put a sugar substitute in my tea? And most importantly, is this tax on drinks tax deductible since the authors feel it is medically necessary.  So many questions, so little time!

– David Dealy, Ridgway 

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