What Is Not to Like About TV Series?
by Jon Nelson, Telluride
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OK,  let me get this straight.  A production company wants to film a story regarding a wealthy woman who moves from the east to a historic mining town (Telluride) and falls in love with a handsome lawman. For this filming, they want to create a temporary set on the Idarado tailings  pile and have agreed to remove it until the Hallmark Channel makes a decision as to whether or not to extend the series. The pilot and series will give the town of Telluride unbelievable exposure to everyone in the U.S. and, perhaps worldwide, and will have a positive financial impact on the town and surrounding area. What is not to like?

Unfortunately, many Telluride residents never took Business 101. They have depended on the good fortunes of their forbears which gives them a latitude of flexibility in their opinions based on what is good for the Panacea know as Telluride and how to protect its pristine beauty and the joy we all experience as “owners” in the community.

Wake up! We need a vibrant economy to keep Telluride the city as we know and love it.  Personally, there is no way in hell I would open a business here because of all of the “odd” characters that will be involved in decisions that affect the success or demise of that business.  Fortunately, we have people running businesses in our community for which the “profit” motive is not number one on their list. I suggest that we do something unusual, we become supportive of our businesses and, instead of judging any opportunity on a basis of what is good for “ME”, we judge it on the basis of what is in the long term interest of the business community of Telluride.

Remember, the business community is at the core of the survival of any city  or municipality. 


– Jon Nelson, Telluride

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