by Romey Glenn, Telluride
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A couple of statements appearing in your April 4 issue demand a comment from someone who sees Telluride as a place worth preserving, not a sacrifice zone for personal wealth accumulation.

The TAR boast about their paltry air bribe contributions is particularly galling, since 1) the amount over ten years doesn't even total half the commission on one McMansion sale, and 2) TAR has never even thanked Telluriders for the millions of public promotional dollars they've received over the years. All taxes funneled to the "tourism" industry – millions a year – mainly benefit the realtors who own/manage virtually all the lodges, and use these dollars to attract not travelers to Telluride, but likely timeshare buyers to their businesses. This misuse of public funds is really more the blame of our ten local governors, who continue to prop up this failed visitation platform, despite swearing to nourish a "sustainable and diverse" economy.

Secondly, shame on the new locals who have used "Telluride" in the title of their new personal wealth accumulation scheme, a chamber of commerce. Chamber of horrors, if you ask me. They don't even pretend to embrace either of Telluride's two core values. Unless you want Telluride to be known as a shrine to conspicuous consumption, like Mountain Village, please shun this group.

Lastly, I suggest "Realtor candidate" and mayor Stu Fraser, when implying that any core Tellurider would want to support the gondola after 2027, once again is up a tree. Please never forget, he announced to the town we wouldn't raise the valley floor money. Telluride did famously before Mountain Village (and before Mr. Fraser), and hardly needs a transport system to that wasteland. If the "Lost People" want to come down for a visit, let them pay. Never a penny from us, I say. And if those people up there want to close down the G (or the ski lifts), maybe they'll end up like the Cornerstone Resort folks we just read about, lawsuits against the developer/owner up the ying yang. Hundreds more lawyers can't be worse than hundreds of realtors, can it?

– Romey Glenn, Telluride 

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