2012: A Year In Quotables
by Watch Staff
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“The meek shall inherit the earth. But not the mineral rights.”

– Watch columnist Peter Shelton quotes oilman J. Paul Getty in his column about the proliferation of oil and gas leasing. Jan. 5


“What we are providing is a designated driver”

– Telluride Mayor Stu Fraser in 2007, four years into the free, late-night, bar-to-home public transportation program that came to an end Sunday after the death of passenger Patrick Morris. Jan. 12


“I can’t tell you how many people had sex with me in my office – employees, women from the probation office, clerks, members of the public. Yes, I had sex in my office. But it was always consensual.”

– Convicted sex offender and former Seventh Judicial District Attorney Myrl Serra defending his actions in a jailhouse interview with The Denver Post following his sentencing last week. Feb. 2


“We can rein in the EPA, but we have to also get rid of the laws.

– GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum on how he would handle the Environmental Protection Agency, if elected. Santorum won handily in Tuesday’s GOP Colorado Caucus, taking 40 percent of the statewide vote. Feb. 9


“Skiing outside of ski area boundaries is encouraged by the Forest Service, and encouraged by [the Telluride Ski and Golf Co.], but neither one of them wants to accept the responsibility for what comes after that.

– Sheriff Bill Masters, Feb. 16


“I think everyone feels empty. She had such a strong presence. You always knew where she stood.”

– Telluride-based Seventh judicial District Attorney Keri Yoder remembers San Miguel County judge Sharon Shuteran. Shuteran died unexpectedly on Saturday, May 5, in Mexico. May 10


“Montrose bears the wounds of the ‘Greens Gone Wild’ policies of the last two decades.”

– California Rep. Tom McClintock blamed environmental movement for a tangle of overregulation and litigation that keeps federal forest lands from being logged, at a joing oversight field hearing in Montrose with Rep. Scott Tipton. May 17


“They probably deserve a land reclamation award.”

– House District 58 Representative Don Coram crossed swords with Ouray County over tires in an illegal waste dump on Butch Gunn’s property in northern Ouray County.


“If I [were] a bear in Telluride today, I would consider defecting to Syria, because it’s safer.”

– Telluride Town Councilor Thom Carnevale voiced criticism Tuesday of the decision made by Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers to euthanize what was deemed a dangerous bear. Aug. 9


“No matter how I voted, there was going to be a story.”

– District 58 Rep. Don Coram said of his vote against Senate Bill 2, which would have given same-sex couples the right to enter into civil unions in Colorado. Coram, and his son, Dee, who is openly gay, talk about the vote and its aftermath. Aug. 30


“It’s easy for me to say this, and I really mean it. I’d like to see this become the most sought-after resort in the world, and a great place to live and work.”

– Telluride Ski and Golf owner Chuck Horning plans to get up close and personal with TSG staff and with the community, as well, all part of a plan to run the company in a more “human” way. Sept. 6.


“Smart, capable women actually are necessary to the well-being of this county.”

– Ben Tisdel, a former member of Ouray’s Republican Central Committee, wonders if two female go-getters on the Ouray Board of County Commissioners were singled out for criticism because of their gender. Oct. 18

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