‘Diseased Forests’ Misleading Argument
by W. Rodney McKinnon, Montrose
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Same song, different singer.

Several years ago, Lousiana Pacific and Montrose economic interests were singing the same song as Montrose Forest Products is now. All our forests are diseased and needed to be cut down for “healthy forests.”

It actually had to do with healthy profits for far off investors who did not care for the damage they inflicted to our Aspen Forests or the pollution they created.

Montrose economic interests are incapable of change or creativity, instead, they come up with schemes to destroy our national forests and environment for profit.

Once far off investors interests in our forests is gone or the forests are depleted, like the Pacific Northwest, all the jobs here will disappear. The investors will be off looking for other places to exploit. 

Taxpayers pay for roads which loggers use. They are even graveled. The taxpayer is never allowed to use these roads.

Congressmen Udall and Bennet went along with this obvious scam. Why? No one seems to know? 

We have a thriving recreation industry here in Western Colorado, why threaten it?

Besides, to destroy our natural world for greed is the definition of insanity.


– W. Rodney McKinnon, Montrose

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