UP BEAR CREEK | Freckles
by Art Goodtimes
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-for mf


No, it wasn’t your strength that drew me to you

Mary Faery, though your will blazed a fierce blue


with secrets dark as your Scorpio purse of balm

& obsidian. Hailing from a long lineage of Dakinis


Guanyin, Green Tara, Our Lady of Guadalupe

Privy to angelic transmissions beyond my ken


you embodied for me deep sweetness. Giggling

wings, almost whispers, dancing on your lips


A child’s smile. Indigenous delight learned at

Nagponi where you waged bureaucratic aikido


peace-corpsed in the Philippines & through

high drama, death threats, Marcos & Aquino


found your band of Ati title to the village plots

they called home. More a Kennedy than a Fried-


berg. And no, it was not for your warmth, tale

be told, for you were direct as a dart shot in


the quick of the hunt. You spoke the icy truth

if need be, regardless of consequence & calmly


apprehended even languages you’d not known

under stress, in a mob, knife at your throat. And


though my Japanese grandmother didn’t like

the bellow in your Irish brogue, I admired you


for that brazen gracelessness, even when it

cost me in argument – a price most dear for


those like Jimbo and I who prize disputationem

That male process crucial for us coming to under-


stand, which you would despise, preferring

the blink of gestalt. Of silence over sophistry


But, yes, I did fall in love with your kindness

& wild gypsy hair & we made haste 


in our kindnesses. Called them children

Danced in fairy mushroom rings. Drummed


& ommed together even unto your last breath

A candle. Hot wax. Freckles of lavender & myrrh


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