Democracy or Aristocracy?
by John Reilly, Ridgway
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We could see it coming!  The Montrose City Council recently voted to put a temporary moratorium on recreational marijuana.  Surprise! We live in a time when voter's rights are subject to approval of elitists who know what's better for us than we know for ourselves.  

Parents tell their children to vote, that their vote counts, then they thwart the process when what's voted for doesn't conform to their likes and dislikes. Explain that to your children.  And like the federal government who can run roughshod over the public in the name of national security, local governments like the Boards of County Commissioners and City Councils throw the blanket of public safety over their likes and dislikes.  

The recent building of the Verizon Tower on Log Hill against the wishes of the residents there is a perfect example. And now marijuana.  We don't have to decide whether or not marijuana should be legal or not we've already done that.  The bigger issue is – do we live in a democracy or an aristocracy?  


– John Reilly, Ridgway

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November 30, 2012
Well, we dont live in either a democracy or an aristocracy.

We live in a constitutionally limited republic.

A republic of states; a union.

Our states were designed to be all powerful and joined only for limited purposes by the union.

If you think you are frustrated by not being able to toke a smoke, imagine the frustration of those of us who realize that we live in an all powerful, without limitation, federal land where the states bend at the knee at the whim of temporary legislators (congress es) and temporary executives (presidents)...

The founders envisioned a land where the citizen was king and the government was limited and its sole purpose was limited to necessary government undertakings..

Imagine a land where the government can tell you, commmand you, to practice a religion or pay a tax for medical care; they are one and the same...the government rules over your existence...

Or, imagine, you need something as simple as a building inspection in Mountain Village and find out that as serfs, slaves, we must apply for an inspection on only 4 days per week inasmuch as the inspections dont happen on Friday..government is closed; not here to inspect, three day weekends every weekend...

No wonder things have gone to pot locally and nationally.