Spur-iousier and Spur-iousier
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Two of our articulate and concerned citizens have squared off in your letters section about the Spur. From the Town we have Phil Miller, an almost always bike rider, a well known and highly respected environmentalist, who lives modestly in a modest house and who would survive very nicely – at least for a while – if the Spur becomes unusable. In the other corner, from Aldasoro Ranches in the County, we have Harvey Roisman, a two-car family member, who lives far less modestly in a far more upscale house, who could survive by avoiding Telluride if the Spur becomes unuseable.

Both Mr. Miller and Mr. Roisman are correct about certain points and wrong about others, at least as I see it.

Mr. Miller wrongly substitutes his road engineering judgment for the conclusions of experts, who not only see the road that remains to be fixed but saw the road bed of the road that was fixed. A gotcha for Mr. Roisman. Mr. Miller correctly claims that the burden of the road should be shared by the greater community, and not be imposed solely on Town residents. As a bicycle rider he has the righteous advantage here as well.

Mr. Roisman wrongly claims that since the Town acquired the road, its citizens must, for all time, bear this burden, and not impose it on the County residents like Mr. Roisman. True, the Town Government of 1993 did not look ahead at maintenance costs. Nor did they do due diligence on the real cost of the Spur acquisition (or if they did, they didn’t share that information with the voters). Yes, being able to build a bike path, and own the road was a good thing. But sadly, the lust to acquire it dulled sound judgment and smart negotiating. Lust does that. The Town should have looked ahead. It should have formed a Special Road Improvement District with R-1 School District boundaries, and thus expanded the tax base to the population most dependent on the road. But just because the Town dropped the ball 15 years ago doesn’t prevent it from correcting that inequity. That should be step one. Step two may well pick up Mr. Miller’s suggestion, and require permits with user fees for heavy loads. Careful here however: we don’t want to discourage those that deliver essentials to our Town, who already suffer from fuel costs. And what isn’t essential? We are dependent on cars and trucks for just about everything.

Both contestants should have avoided the class warfare nonsense.

Meanwhile Town government - pick the ball up, think regionally, get the road rebuilt and spread the cost equitably.


– John Steel, former Mayor, Town of Telluride Olympics Gymnasts Get Short End of Stick


In these Olympic games I have witnessed the most amazing discrepancy ! In all disciplines it is supposedly possible to tie for a medal based on scores, not so in gymnastics!

Well, I wonder, why are in the games different rules just for one discipline?

Talk about Olympic spirit...the confusion and sadness that this caused not just for the athletes but the many viewers who shared this with me. I truly hope that the Olympic games committee rethinks this before the next games.

When our phenomenal young gymnast Nastia Liukin got the taste of how computer is programmed to “break a tie” many watched in disbelief. If the customary fashion both gold medalist just simply shared the top step with two gold medals, and many smiles, it would have been a much more Olympic moment and true celebration of their art and skills.

Let the Olympic spirit shine on!

– Jolana Vanek First-Time Homebuyer Thanks


We would like to thank the Telluride Association of Realtors for providing us assistance to purchase our first home in Telluride. Through the help of TAR and the First Homebuyers Assistance Fund we will be able to own a home in the community that we have come to love. We have lived here for numerous years and this will allow for us to continue to live and work for years to come. Thank you again to all the members of TAR who approved our application and supported our purchase


– Sara Taylor and Chris Kimble
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