Hospital Trustee Blindsided by Pro-Henderson and White Mailer
by Gus Jarvis
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PAGE THREE of the political mailer that hit mailboxes just after the Colorado Court of Appeals upheld the hospital lease to MMH, Inc.
PAGE THREE of the political mailer that hit mailboxes just after the Colorado Court of Appeals upheld the hospital lease to MMH, Inc.

MONTROSE – After her photo was used in a pro-Ron Henderson and David White political mailer last week, Montrose Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees President Nancy Medlock apologized to the MMH Board of Directors on Monday, saying she didn’t know her photo was going to be used in that manner and she feels used by the two incumbent commissioners seeking reelection in November. 

“When I finally saw it, I went through the roof, I could not believe it,” Medlock told the directors at their meeting on Monday evening. “I considered them friends. They have used me beyond belief. I went from extreme anger to extreme hurt.” 

Medlock told the board that she’s considering resigning from her post on the board of trustees, and that she planned to make that decision on Wednesday afternoon (just after press deadline). 

The mailer, with a return address of White and Henderson, P.O. Box 1611, Montrose, hit mailboxes a day or so after the Colorado Court of Appeals upheld the hospital lease to Montrose Memorial Hospital, Inc. A Montrose County press release followed that court decision quoting White that he’s “glad we have a final resolution in the hospital issue.”

But the pro-Henderson and White mailer paints a different picture. 

The eight-page black-and-white mailer contains photos of what seem to be supporters of Henderson and White, stating, “We, the people of Montrose County have a big problem. Will you help us fix it?”

From there the mailer states that the hospital trustees secretly formed a private corporation in 2010, and asks why and then follows up with a solution.

“We believe that if you, your family and the people of Montrose County allow elitist opportunists and their private corporation to sneak a hostile takeover of our community hospital through their approval process – with no public notice and no public input – the health service costs at Montrose Memorial Hospital will skyrocket,” the mailer states. “We also believe that if you join us in voting to re-elect Commissioners David White & Ron Henderson, together we will have a fighting chance to stop the self-appointed Board of Directors and its private corporation from essentially stealing our public hospital.” 

Medlock photo was used on page two of the mailer and was blown up larger than any other photo used. 

“I was supporting them,” Medlock said. “I was not told I was going to be the centerfold surrounded by hospital comments…I do have letters to all three commissioners and I have spent most of the day trying to contact any one of them and they are not responding. They don’t need to speak to me ever again. That’s fine. I understand politics…As far as I am concerned they have turned on me.” 

MMH Inc. board member Debi Harmon told Medlock that she understands what happened and that she would like for the MMH Inc. Board of Directors and the MMH Board of Trustees to be able to move forward with the best interest of the hospital in mind.

“We feel bad that you have been thrown under the bus,” Harmon said. “We want to keep the best interest of the hospital out in the forefront, and the politics out of it.”

At that point in the meeting, board member William Bennet, who is also a trustee, asked the board if they would make a symbolic vote of confidence in Medlock “because she is doing what she possibly can to make things right.”

At his suggestion, the board and other community members attending the meeting stood and gave Medlock a round of applause.

Efforts to reach both Henderson and White for comment were unsuccessful as of press time on Wednesday.

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