DISPATCHES | Why Waste the Ink?
by Rob Schultheis
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I give up; no more political columns. (Pause for loud cheers from haters, birthers, troglodytes, et al).  

Why waste the words, the ink and the BTUs of mental energy? 

Every new day brings another example of the egregious ignorance and mental sloth of the American public. Tonight’s zinger: two-thirds of the suburban women in Ohio are pro-Romney. Wow! I guess they don’t believe that rape victims get pregnant and deserve abortions, don’t care if public schools tank because of lack of funding or college loans become so dear that middle-class children can’t afford higher education, and don’t want public television to provide decent programming for kids because it costs the same amount of money annually that the Pentagon blows in six hours. 

Who are these harpies? What floats their boats? Race? Mass psychosis? Some kind of Romney “sex appeal?” It’s a riddle wrapped in idiocy and surrounded by bigotry, I guess.

For that matter, what’s with the super-rich backing Mitt Romney? The current system, a balancing act between government and the private sector, enabled them to become fabulously wealthy and ensures that they can enjoy their gains in safety and security, yet they want to smash the whole apparatus to pieces.  A recent New Yorker article focused on a New York kajillionaire who’s backing Romney big-time because he feels Obama “doesn’t like the rich.” He whines about how he gets up before dawn to work and doesn’t leave his office till late at night, and so he deserves awe and respect from the rest of society.  

(Detail: he didn’t get rich inventing the Salk vaccine or building a speedier computer; he “earned” his fortune manipulating the financial system and playing games in the investment banking world.)

Earth to Daddy Warbucks: billions of human beings work more hours than you do just to survive, and their jobs are a lot more challenging than lounging in a leather chair, barking orders to underlings and lunching on Beluga caviar, Kobe beef and Viennese pastries. Forward deployed soldiers and Marines remain on-duty 7/24 for chump change, living on (ugh!) MREs or, worse, the latest reincarnation of C-rats, and the payoff for most of them is joblessness back home and veterans benefits and health care sliced to the bone to “balance the budget” by Ritchie Rich’s Republican friends in Congress. Hispanic immigrants in SoCal do hard labor ten or 12 hours a day for the minimum wage or less and ask every other passerby if they know of any night jobs they could take to supplement their daytime pay. Their bonanza?  Enough dollars to send home so their families don’t starve to death in the wastelands of Zacatecas or Sonora.  

Obama doesn’t dislike the rich, bud; in fact, witness his Wall Street bailout, he likes them way too much.  But I’m one of a whole lot of Americans who do hate rich people like you, and the fact that you want to buy the election so you can amass even more frogskins, damn the consequences for the nation and the world.  You guys are always yapping and ululating about “class warfare,” anytime anyone suggests you pay your fair share of taxes.  Hey, as far as I’m concerned, let’s bring it on! Che lives! Let’s form an army of 30 million Occupiers, and march on one of the Whiner’s five (I’m only guessing, it could be more) mansions or the dock where his yacht is parked.   

“This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco, this ain’t no fooling around!”

(Only kidding, Scrooge McDucks of America, but I’ll bet I had you there for a second – “memo to self, hire more security ASAP, damn the cost!”)

But seriously…. A couple of final questions before I put my soapbox in mothballs, modify my TV remote so it doesn’t get CNN, MSNBC, Fox News or C-Span, and cancel my Sunday Times so I can subscribe to 12 months of Guns and Ammo. What kind of country will we live in with less funding for schools, highways, health care, parks, police?

Do you plan to retreat behind the walls of your gated communities and stay there forever?  Is it really “patriotic” to contribute less to your country so you can spend more on yourself? I dunno, I’m “just asking.”

And now you can return to your dreams, where Ignorance is Bliss, the Earth is 6,000 years old, and Obama is a socialist, a Nazi, a Jihadi, a Zulu chief, 666 the Anti-Christ, the Man in the Bloody Moon, or whatever your tiny minds come up with next. Resume your slouching sleepwalking way toward Bethlehem; I shan’t disturb your slumbers again….

(Next column:  “Why do we bomb our friends and fund our enemies?  America’s insane Afghanistan—Pakistan policy”)

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