Why Can’t We All Get Along?
by Holly von Helms, Montrose
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Last week I heard State Representative Don Coram speak following the League of Woman Voters' showing of the movie, Patriocracy, a movie about how divided and divisive our government and country have become. He mentioned that, when he was a young man, his friends held many different views and their differences didn't interfere with their friendships – a thought I've had many times over the last few years.

Whence the hatred? When did venom and vitriol become an integral part of our political discourse? Ugly bumper stickers, ugly words, ugly slogans dissing the President of the United States are spoken and displayed throughout our country.

Have we sunk so far into the abyss of political animosity, negativity and gloom that we can no longer relate to each other in light of our common interests, admirable qualities and personal assets? Can we no longer discern the inherent goodness in people? Each of us has something positive to offer. Might it be possible to just put politics and differences aside, agree to disagree, and still be friends?

Just wondering.
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