TNCC Is Now EcoAction Partners
by Gus Jarvis
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SAN MIGUEL AND OURAY COUNTIES – After more than five years of sustainability leadership in the region, The New Community Coalition recently reinvented itself with an updated mission, a streamlined work plan and a new name: EcoAction Partners.

When the nonprofit was initiated in 2007, it started as an organization that would lead to the implementation of sustainability efforts in San Miguel County. Since then, it has been at the forefront of sustainability not only in San Miguel County but has grown to Ouray County as well. In continuing on with that maturity, the Board of Directors recently decided to refocus its mission and initiatives and decided that its name, The New Community Coalition, no longer reflected the work that the organization strives to complete.

“It didn’t reflect what we do,” Regional Sustainability Coordinator Kris Holstrom said. “So we spent some time working with the local governments and the board to streamline our work in sustainability, energy, food localization and, of course, education.”

Holstrom said the board already liked the name of its residential carbon footprint program, EcoAction Initiative, and decided to rename the organization EcoAction Partners. “Eco” from the Greek oiko meaning house or home, is the modern root for both ecology and economy – essential elements of sustainability. “Action” – the organization wants to inspire others to action and engage in appropriate actions ourselves. “Partners” are essential for moving forward into a more cooperative paradigm that uses collective creativity, passion and skills to create the future the community wants for itself and for future generations.

EcoAction Partners’ new mission “is to inspire, initiate and support collaborative community actions that enhance resilient economic, environmental and social systems.” Its 2012 work plan focuses on three areas including energy efficiency (conservation, renewable and green building); resource recovery and recycling (reduce, reuse, repair, recycle, and rethink) and food (localizing the region’s food supply).

Holstrom said these efforts all help to realize the vision of world a world where people and their communities partner to enhance local self-reliance and ensure a sustainable future.

“In all of this we plan to have more engagement with the community by helping people with specific ideas and questions they have,” Holstrom said. “We are also focusing on the economic picture in how we can help people move forward with the ideas they have.”

Since it’s become EcoAction Partners, the organization has updated its logo slightly, signifying that it has changed its name but remains committed to current programs like the Green Business Roundtable series, EcoAction Initiative, and festival compost, recycling and trash services, while crafting and creating new efforts like the Zero Waste Task Force and a local food distribution system.

EcoAction Partners has new email addresses and its website,, is operational.

“We are really excited to move into the next phase and be more focused and really see how we can help put forth our ideas,” Holstrom said. “We want to look at what is the real need here and how can we respond to that need with the resources we have.”

For more information, contact EcoAction Partners at (970) 728-5208 or or @gusgusj
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