That’s Broadway Brett to You
by Gus Jarvis
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First there was Broadway Joe and now there’s Broadway Brett – let’s all hope he can stay away from the pantyhose.

For everyone who couldn’t stand another minute of the Brett Favre drama that has been broadcast across every television set, FM radio, webpage, and gossip column over the past two weeks, the story got sweeter and took a turn for the unexpected Wednesday evening when Favre made the decision to join the New York Jets.

Yes. J-E-T-S, Brett’s with the Jets Jets Jets. He has traded in his green and puke yellow for green and white.

Before his decision on Wednesday, the football nation watched in awe, as nobody knew what was really going to happen to one of football’s greatest quarterbacks (albeit one who can throw as many interceptions as touchdown passes in a season).

Let’s break down this whole media fiasco: Brett retires. Packers are pleased. Brett rues retirement. Packers are unhappy. Brett gets reinstated anyway. Brett doesn’t show up to training camp. Brett and coach enter stalemate. Brett says he wants out, but wants to stay in NFC North, possibly with the Vikings. Football junkies circle Monday Night opener on calendar when Green Bay hosts Vikings. Visions of Brett wearing purple dance in our heads. Scheduled news conference postponed. Next scheduled news conference garners no new info. Wake up Thursday morning to find Brett wearing green and white. Wow. And I thought he was going to become a Buc.

I am glad the man found a place to play. Since when is anyone too old to play quarterback in the NFL? Not two years ago, when Brett had a horrible season, and not last year, when he led his team into the playoffs, only to have a terrible game against the Giants.

Brett is an AFC boy now. One of the good guys. Part of the real football conference. Details of his deal with New York are still a little fuzzy, but I am sure New York hasn’t given up anything worth a second thought for bringing in the biggest media sensation since… well… Joe Namath.

And this trade isn’t only good for Brett. It’s good for Jets fans and all us Patriot-haters. Maybe Favre will bring a little competition to the AFC East where New England has dominated the stale division opponents Buffalo, Miami and the Jets. How nice would it be for Brett to get a little spark and shove a potent offense down New England’s throat in both regular season match-ups? I can’t think of anything sweeter. Somebody has to compete against those cheatin’ Pats. The Jets may be the team to do it.

As preseason gets fully underway this weekend, Brett certainly needed to end the indecision. This move will give everybody in the league a glimpse at how good, or ineffective, Brett really is. He is coming into an unfamiliar offense with a coach and an offensive coordinator he has no previous ties to. Favre’s ability to adapt will be the name of the game this year.

Brett will take the place of former first round draft pick Chad Pennington, who is well liked in New York and by his teammates, but has not really gotten the job done behind the center. The Jets will, as a New York Times report phrased it, “part ways” with Pennington.

“It’s a bittersweet moment for us,” Jets General Manager Mike Tennenbaum said of Pennington’s release. “I have all the respect in the world for Chad as a person and as a player. He gave his heart and soul to this organization for a long, long time.”

Poor Chad, this all comes after a Wednesday story in The Times that declared Pennington the sentimental favorite in New York, over the younger Kellen Clemens.

I guess it’s out with the new and in with the old. The pressure to perform and perform well is now resting solely on Favre’s shoulders. He wanted to play another year. Here it is. He had better win.

And talk about pressure in Green Bay. After sticking with their young gun Aaron Rodgers for the starting position instead of Brett, both the cheesehead management and Rodgers face a ton of pressure this season. Believe me, 80,000 screaming cheeseheads won’t be reluctant to voice their 20/20 hindsight opinion at Lambeau Field if Rodgers sucks.

Out here in the West, us Bronco fans can only smile as we may have somebody who can beat the Patriots – that is if Brett can stay away from an interception-soaked season. If that’s the case, I hope his next retirement comes sooner rather than later.
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August 07, 2008
Thank god the AFC East now has somebody worth watching other than that pretty boy Tom Brady....

Go Jets