Occupy This!
by Rob Schultheis
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“When they kick out your front door, how’re you gonna come? With your hands on your head, or on the trigger of your gun?”

 – The Clash

Indeed. Which makes you wonder, what the *&%$! are the powers that be thinking when they refuse to talk to, acknowledge, or treat, honorably or honestly, the people across the country who are taking part in the “Occupy” movement?  

Polls have shown that over 50 percent of Americans back the Occupiers, despite their supposed lack of a coherent message. What do they want? the mouthpieces of The New York Times and the other organs of the Establishment ask.  But to those of us with open minds, the answer is painfully clear: What they are demanding is nothing less than an end to the way things are, the annihilation of what has become, over the last two or three decades, a totally unworkable system, deaf to the concerns and rights of the individual, the cold hard facts of the environment, and the welfare of generations to come both here in the United States and across the world.   

Reform, pouring old ideological wine into new bottles, tweaking and tinkering with a few programs and institutions, they just don’t make it anymore; it’s time to turn the world upside down.

And you want to call the alternative Class Warfare or Revolution, so be it.  

It would take several encyclopedias to detail the signs that our beloved nation has been hijacked and set on a suicidal, homicidal course by the scions of the corporate and political world. And their cultural counterparts.

The most obvious, of course, was the scandal that ignited the whole Occupy Movement in the first place: the bankrupting of millions of Americans by the self-destructive swindlers of Wall Street, the near collapse of the entire global economy that followed, and, most outrageous, the fact that a supposedly populist regime took

money from the same taxpaying victims to put the swindlers back in business again. 

Top that off with an almost total lack of outrage by the media, and there you have it: the disenfranchisement and total alienation of masses of Americans from every walk of life and background.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg. The shameful treatment of our military veterans, the growth of highly paid mercenary armies operating outside the laws of this and all other nations, the insane desire to plunder more and more of the environment for fossil fuels while simultaneously urging more and more

mindless energy consumption,  the rottenness of an “entertainment industry” that cynically markets violence and misogyny to the young, a press that averts its

eyes, while ancient forests, grasslands and bird and fish populations vanish,

traditional societies from Amazonia to Dinetah to the Arctic to Central Asia are chewed up and spat out, preferring to focus the public’s gaze on “celebrity” misdoings…  the list goes on and on and on. To sum it up, America, once a beacon of hope for the rest of mankind, now leads the way to darkness both at home and around the world.

I keep asking myself, how would I feel, what would my view of the future be, if I were a member of this new generation that is providing the boots-on-the-ground, grunts-of-the- Occupy movement, and beyond our shores make up the heroes and heroines of the Islamic Spring, the martyrs of Tienanmen Square, the shaheed of the Hazarajat and all the rest. We are not worthy of these children and grandchildren of ours, who risk their futures, their livelihoods, and live, when it’s oh so easy to join the dupes at the Kool-aid

trough and play with one’s Wi-self while nation and world go down the drain together…

Getting back to the Occupy movement here in the United States; how long do the unindicted perps, scoundrels and carpet-bagging pseudo-intellectuals (liked the professor who recently called Grand Theft Auto IX the greatest artifact our culture has produced in the last decade) expect people to come out with their hands on their heads while the catastrophe continues all around them, and all that they live for and believe in is mocked, mauled, torn to bits and dragged through the rubble?   

I wonder.

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December 30, 2011
Right on, Rob! My greatest concern is that (per George Carlin) "Nobody seems to notice...... nobody seems to care....." and given the repression we've seen.....most people will just go back to sleep or the XBox. How do we help ignite the civil disobedience to a level that will really force fundamental change when most people are intimidated by the militarized police forces? Where is our new Edward Abbey writing about our new Monkey Wrench Gang? It is time for action, but what, who, where, when?