Climbing the Ice Cream Mountain
by Gust Cougias
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©2011 bzkondracki
©2011 bzkondracki
One afternoon, Susie and Sam went into their backyard, near the apple trees, and said the magic word, “Tabooka!” and ZAP, they were in the land of magic.

“Hi, kids; happy you are back,” said the little man in the red pants, blue jacket and white shoes.

“I want you to do me a favor and take a trip up Ice Cream Mountain and bring me back some ice cream,” he said. “Here is an ice cream pail.”

Susie and Sam started their journey up the path to the top of the mountain in Tabooka Land.

Shortly up the path, Two-Step the tiger pounced right in front of them,

“Where are you going?” Two-Step asked.

“Up to Ice Cream Mountain,” they replied.

“Great,“ said Two-Step. “I’ll see you on the way down.”

A little farther up the mountain path, Susie and Sam encountered the lion named His Majesty.

“Where are you two going?” His Majesty roared.

“To the top of Ice Cream Mountain,” they answered.

“Terrific, see you later,” said His Majesty.

Then, out of nowhere, Browni-Bear appeared, almost jumping on Susie and Sam.

“What’s up, kids?” he asked. “Where are you heading?”

“To the top of Ice Cream Mountain for some ice cream,” they replied.

“Best news 1 heard today. See you in a little bit,” said Browni-Bear.

At last, Susie and Sam reached the top of the mountain, where they could not believe their eyes. This way and that, everywhere, there were layers and scoops and mounds of every kind of ice cream you could ever imagine.

They had a wonderful time trying all the flavors until they could not eat another scoop of ice cream. There were so many types of ice cream, it was hard to decide what flavors to bring back to the little man.

Which flavor would the little man like best?

Susie and Sam decided to stick with the standard flavors – chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. After filling their ice cream pail to the brim, they started back down the mountain path.

Again, out of nowhere, Browni-Bear appeared. This time, he asked for a scoop of ice cream.

Susie and Sam told the bear they would let him have a scoop if he would tell them why he was brown.

He answered, “I am a brown bear to match the color of my favorite food – hash brown potatoes.”

They laughed, and gave Browni-Bear a scoop of ice cream.

Going down the path, Susie and Sam encountered His Majesty, who roared, “How ‘bout a dip of delicious ice cream?”

“OK,” they said to the lion, “but first, will you please answer the question: ‘Why do they call you king of the jungle?’”

“For some reason, all the other animals respect me, and gave me the title of king,” said His Majesty, who enjoyed his scoop of ice cream.

As they approached the bottom of the mountain, Two-Step the tiger was waiting for them as they expected.

“I know what you have in that pail,” said Two-Step the tiger. “May I have a scoop of ice cream, please?”

“Sure,” said Susie and Sam, “but only if you tell us why you have stripes.”

“My stripes let me stand next to a picket fence and make me invisible,” Two-Step told them.

Two-Step greedily gulped down the scoop of ice cream that was the reward for his answer.

Finally, Susie and Same happily brought the ice cream pail to the little man. When he took off the lid and looked inside, the vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream was all melted and mixed together.

Susie and Sam felt very bad.

But the little man in the red pants, blue jacket and white shoes didn’t feel bad at all.

He said, “This is great. We’ll give this ice cream a new name. Let’s call it Neapolitan.

“Just put the ice cream in the freezer when you get back, and for dessert tonight, you can have a couple of scoops.

“Time now for you to get back home, and you know what to do.

“Say the magic word,” he told them.

“Tabooka!” said Susie and Sam, and ZAP, they were home in their backyard among the apple trees.

And forever more, whenever Susie and Sam had Neapolitan ice cream for dessert, they had big smiles on their faces, because they new their special friend, the little man in the red pants, blue jacket and white shoes, had come up with the new flavor of ice cream.

© 2006 Gust Cougias
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