It May Not Be Football, but Favre Is Worth Watching
by Gus Jarvis
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Here’s a burning question for you. Did Brett Favre return to the game of football once again to win a championship? Or did he come back to produce some world-class reality TV? I think we all would agree that he really wants to win another Super Bowl but damn, the guy has become a rolling soap opera, and nobody knows what is going to happen next.

In last season’s version of The Comeback Kid starring Brett Favre, people couldn’t believe he was making yet another return to the game at the age of 40. “Boy, that old man must really love to play football,” we all said. “He really wants to win just one more.”

Last year Uncle Brett was fun to watch as he led his Vikings team to a 12-4 season, losing in the NFC Championship in a game that was exciting to watch. Last year, he was fun to watch. He was a kid on the field.

This year, I don’t know what we are watching when Brett Favre takes the field. Yes, he has a taste of the excitement he brought last year still in him, but it has diminished significantly. Unfortunately for Minnesota fans, the Vikings will not be attending the post season this year in any sort of playoff run.

Right now the Vikings are at 2-4 and are facing an ever-tough New England Patriots team this weekend, so we can just chalk up another loss for the Vikings. They will be sitting at 2-5 on Sunday evening. Brett has gone back to his old ways of throwing interceptions at the worst possible moments and his operation of the offense has been anything but spectacular. With a passer rating of a mere 68 and more interceptions than touchdowns, I wonder if he has asked himself recently if he made the wrong decision to return to the NFL.

Every snap Brett takes, every heave of the ball toward the end zone, it looks like Brett is going to fall to pieces. He limps to the sideline after every series. After every throw he grabs his elbow in pain. I keep waiting for this guy’s arm or leg to just fall off on the field in front of the world to watch.

So it seems Brett is really hobbled going into this weekend’s game in Foxboro with a stress fracture in his ankle. Favre has an NFL-record 291 consecutive starts under his belt. Could this weekend be the weekend where that record will end? Can he handle the pain just one more weekend? We shall see.

I think deep down, Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress would like to see what he has for a team without Favre on the field. Last weekend against his old Green Bay team, Favre threw three interceptions, one of which was a pick-six. In a tight game like that, Childress knows you can’t throw three interceptions and expect to win. It just doesn’t happen. But the Vikings isn’t Childress’ team, is it? It is Brett Favre’s team. He calls the shots, not the head coach.

That conflict between Favre and Childress has been brewing ever since Favre started throwing interceptions this year, and that conflict, it seems, is going to boil over soon. Added to the high number of interceptions, the constant losing, the bruised ankles, and the conflict between Favre and his coach, is, of course, the looming investigation into allegations that Favre sent a text message photo of his junk (for lack of a better term) to a female Jets employee during his year in New York back in 2008.

Earlier this week, Favre admitted to the NFL that he send racy messages to Jets employee Jenn Sterger but denied sending any graphic photos of his junk. There have been several reports that Sterger has gathered an all-star investigation team made up of ex-FBI agents to conduct the investigation as to whether or not she can sue Favre. Frankly, if she had a problem with the text, she should have brought it out back in 2008. Has she filed criminal charges? Not that I know of. She is using the text-hostage to grab a little of Favre’s money while she still can. Plain and simple.

And while that may be the case, if the NFL finds out he did send an inappropriate image to Sterger, Favre could be subject to suspension. So if it isn’t retirement or injury that knocks Favre out of the game and ends his consecutive-start streak, it could be a suspension. Who knew? Brett Favre suspended? What a soap opera-esque twist of storyline.

Here’s an even a better twist. What if it’s Childress behind the texting investigation, just to get Favre suspended so the coach can regain control of his team? Now that would be TV worth watching.
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