McCain’s Sexism Defense of Palin as Sexist as it Gets
by Jarvis_and_Cagin
09.19.08 - 12:43 pm
By Gus Jarvis<br /><br /><p> <p><br /><br />TELLURIDE – As the McCain/Palin show…no wait, the Palin/McCain show continues to bring the best lip service possible to mankind, I am continually frustrated with the spotlight that Palin is getting for simply the most abnormal presidential candidate in United States history – and I am not talking about her gender.<br /><br />She has little experience in foreign affairs. In fact, she has admitted that she has never met a foreign head of state – something she says is normal for a vice presidential candidate. She has no idea that there is a financial crisis as big and debilitating as the Great Depression going on right now on Wall Street. This is proven when she agreeably nods her head when her boss McCain says that economy is fundamentally sound. Really? Common sense anyone?<br /><br />I don’t agree with her views on safe-sex education. I don’t agree with Palin on a lot of things. But what really gets me is her lack of doing one-on-one interviews with the media. <br /><br />Of course, any media attack on Palin, whether truthful or spun, the McCain campaign’s statement afterwards is almost always that the attacker is being sexist. That is how he has defended her from the beginning. Is that really why McCain chose Palin? A candidate who can’t be attacked because she is a woman? In my eyes, it’s McCain being sexist every time he plays the sexism defense card. Don’t hurt my poor, poor V.P. pick, she has a family. Give me a break man. <br /><br />The Obama campaign and the media could learn a few things from my hard-ass high school rugby coach. We were in the Colorado High School State Championship Game and our opposing team wound up with a few injuries. Their few options led to them having to complete their side with two or three female players. All were very good and could play rugby with the best of them. <br /><br />Now this was a big game (biggest in the state) and our coach gave us some advice before the game.<br /><br />“Look out there,” he said pointing to the three female players. “Do you see women out there, or do you see rugby players out there? I want you to hit them as hard as you would hit any other man out there. It’s not fair for us and for them to treat them like anything other than a <i>player</i> on the field.” <br /><br />So that’s what we did, we hit them as hard as anyone else on the field and they stood up and played like any other player on the field. Not rocket science here. They were <i>players</i> on the field, not <i>female players</i> substituted into a man’s game.<br /><br />Taking this lesson from my dwindling memory into this heated election makes me hate John McCain even more. I know hate is a strong word but… Not only was his selection of Palin so cynical to women across the country, it is sexist if he keeps playing the sexist card when defending her. <br /><br />Obama and the media: Treat Palin like any other player in this election. She is not a woman running for vice president. She is a politician running for office – just like McCain, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden. I say attack her like you would attack anyone else because she deserves being treated like any other candidate. Loose the hounds on her like you would loose the hounds on McCain.<br /><br />If she can handle the heat, more power to her. She is playing the game. As Hunter Thompson once said, “Buy the ticket, take the ride.” If she can’t handle it, she loses the game. Either way, she is being treated equal. With that, it’s also time for Palin to go ahead and act like a vice presidential candidate and start doing some interviews by herself – and not just by entertainment pundits like Charles Gibson on ABC. <br /><br />At least her counterpart in the election, Biden, is putting himself out there for the media. In the weeks after Palin was selected by McCain, Biden had already done 54 interviews and press conferences with the media. How many did Palin have? Zip, zilch, zero.<br /><br />Really, what does she have to hide? Ok, she accepts the ABC interview in her hometown – like some celebrity would, I might add. She is doing Couric. Great. Did that ABC interview get put across all news networks like any other interview would have? No. Only a select number of sound bytes were sent out.<br /><br />The fact of the matter is, the Republican Party is trying to keep her in the closet as long as they can until the election. Keep her from getting attacked from the media and the Obama campaign. Just put her in front of a podium with a prepared speech with McCain behind her showing his compete support of her incompetence and keep it at that. Election won.<br /><br />I have heard that there is a one-in-three chance that McCain could have some serious health problems during his presidency if he wins. Simple odds. What will become of this country when Palin is put in charge? She just can’t read prepared statements forever. She will have to face the nation, not as a woman, but as a president. Can she handle it? Can the country handle it? For her sake, I hope that God can handle it for her. <br /><br /><br> <br> <br> Palin Speaks at Wasilla Assembly of God Part 1<br /><br /><object width="291" height="255"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="291" height="255"></embed></object> <br> <br> <br> Palin Speaks at Wasilla Assembly of God Part 2<br /><br /><object width="291" height="255"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="291" height="255"></embed></object>
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