Thank You, Telluride Scholarship Donors!
by Karen Lavender, THS College Counselor
06.21.13 - 03:00 am


Those members of our community who were able to attend the recent Telluride High School graduation ceremony had the distinct pleasure of witnessing a stirring and soulful event that epitomized what makes ours such a unique and marvelous community.  Senior after senior—in addition to thanking parents, teachers, mentors and classmates—spoke eloquently about how our town is an entity in and of itself, one that has been largely responsible for shaping and nurturing the bright dreams of each of our students.  The cliché that ‘it takes a village’ was reinvigorated with new meaning as these graduates provided palpable evidence of just how thoroughly our community supports its youth.  

Nowhere has this support been more evident than in the generous participation by so many Telluride individuals, businesses and foundations in our Local Scholarship Night (which took place a few days before graduation).  That night, our community showered a record $144,000 in scholarship dollars on 32 students (notably, those seniors who felt financially more secure recused themselves from consideration in order to ensure that there were more monies available to those students with the most need).  I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I am humbled by our community’s collective generosity, and I encourage readers to look for an ad in this paper that lists this year’s donors. These are good people and good businesses, and their magnanimity deserves to be acknowledged.

Thanks to all of this year’s donors!


– Karen Lavender, THS College Counselor

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