Files Named New Mayor of Montrose
by William Woody
03.21.13 - 10:19 am

Brewery Granted Liquor License

MONTROSE – Montrose City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to name Councilor Judy Ann Files the mayor of Montrose for the 2013-2014 term. Files will be sworn in at the council's April 2 meeting along with Councilor Carol McDermott, who was named the new mayor pro tem. 

Files thanked the council and staff, saying it was an honor to serve Montrose, where her family’s roots go back 120 years.  

"I have to tell you how humbled I am to have this opportunity,” Files told council. “I appreciate the faith are willing to let me do this for a year and I appreciate the patience of our staff that you are going to have to put up with me for a year. I am the first one from my family to have a leadership position," she said. 

At the start of Tuesday's meeting, outgoing Mayor Thomas Smits applauded the presence and military service of new City Attorney Stephen Alcorn, attending his first meeting with council. Smits congratulated Alcorn for his 15 years in the Army, five on active duty, including serving in Iraq, where he earned a Bronze Star.

Smits said he had researched the award, which “isn't given lightly."

"You were a hero," Smits said, and asked Alcorn to lead council in the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Council also approved the Horsefly Brewing Company's application for a liquor license, for beer and for wine for customers who prefer that to beer. Owners Phil and Melanie Freismuth and Nigel Askew told council the brewery would not serve hard liquor.

Askew said there have been couples who have come into the brewery where one would order a beer and the other "doesn't really care for the stuff."

"Based upon your professional observations, do those couples stay together long term?" Alcorn asked, drawing laughter.  

Askew and the Freismuths nodded in agreement.

Following the hearing the council approved the brewery's license based upon the establishment's near-perfect record with obeying alcohol laws. 

"I'm very pleased; our customers are always asking for wine and we never could provide it, so this helps us and the community," Phil Freismuth said.

Council appointed members to the following community boards: Region 10, Kathy Ellis;  Montrose Pavilion Advisory Board, Carol McDermott; Montrose Youth Council, Carol McDermott; Project 7, Public Works Director, John Harris (with Bob Nicholson as alternate); Downtown Development Authority, Judy Ann Files; Montrose Regional Airport, Bob Nicholson; Montrose Economic and Development Corporation, City Manager William Bell; Montrose Association of Commerce and Tourism, Bob Nicholson and Judy Ann Files (rotating non-voting members).


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