College Life is A Journey
by KevinPowell
09.03.12 - 12:40 am
I can&#8217;t forget when I was still a kid; I usually go out on the streets and glimpse upon each moving car.&#160; I told myself that I&#8217;ll get one someday.&#160; I&#8217;m not from a very affluent family, we never watched movie together nor did we eat in fancy and expensive restaurants.&#160; True, I don&#8217;t remember doing any of those.<br /><br />When I entered and started schooling, I was always in the star or top section; this is the section wherein my Mom told me that only the gifted, clever and intelligent students belong.&#160; And deep inside me, I was really proud of myself.&#160; And when high school life ended, I was still among the honor students in the pilot section.<br /><br />During college, I was admitted in my first choice of course and that really made me overwhelmed and overjoyed.&#160; &#8220;I&#8217;m nearing my dreams&#8221;, I told myself. But indeed, college is never easy and at times very costly.&#160; There are times when I don&#8217;t have enough allowance to cover up some school expenses.&#160; I survived because I got real, good friends. They backed me up and supported me all the way, from selling goods to putting up my own online <a rel="nofollow" href="">dissertation editing services</a>. I don&#8217;t know what I have done through my life to deserve every blessing from God. I was really blessed.<br /><br />And now, while riding in my new car, my cousin on the passenger&#8217;s seat asked the best advice I could give to him as he&#8217;s starting his college journey.&#160; Without a wink of an eye, I told him, &#8220;Study and Pray!&#8221;
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