You nailed it, Mr. President
by DaveMich
 Observant bystander
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Obama decides not to release images of Osama bin Laden's corpse. He is right on this.


Bin Laden, the Al-Qaeda leader who is mastermind to the grim September 11 attacks in US, was killed in a military operation set out in Abbottabad, Pakistan last May 1.


The President's decision is both rational and sensitive. Bin Laden is dead. This is not about authenticity, anyway. Believers need not see photographs. Providing the public with graphics would serve no impact in altering the opinion of those thinking this news is just a hoax.


Futhermore, provoking another tragic incident to happen is never a good idea. Hate does not have to be invited. Otherwise, the point in fighting terrorism will be lost.


It is more about respect, and everybody is entitled to that. Nobody wants to see videos or photos of their loved ones being beheaded by rebels.


This argument about showing Bin Laden's still shots is a timely topic in writing good essays. Reactions may depend as to where a person is coming from. In this case, putting into consideration our being human should serve a good common ground.


Obama made a smart choice. It is sweet celebrating justice that had been served, finally. To rejoice for somebody's death is another issue.


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