Hamburger Asks Eric Slayman
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 Hamburger Asks
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What do you like best about Telluride?

Telluride is Rad! I love the fact that I can walk pretty much everywhere I want to go including the ski mountain and my office. This is in my opinion, one of only two true ski towns left in Colorado, and with that comes an amazing community. You can get canyon fever from time to time and maybe you leave...but when I drive back into the canyon from where ever I went, A calmness passes over me like i'm coming home...

What would make for a better Telluride?

A zip line from top of lift nine to town.

What would make for a more sustainable Telluride?

Easy, We fill all the empty houses in town. maybe a tax credit if a second homeowner agrees to let there houses be used.

On a national level, what would be change you could believe in?

I would like to believe in change to healthcare. I'm so disappointed with our elected officials on this point. So to answer the question I would like to believe in our elected officials.

Ask a question of yourself, something that's important you, and then answer it.

My question to myself would be: Is it possible to make a good living in Telluride right now. The Answer: Get to work Eric!


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