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 Hamburger Asks
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What do you like best about Telluride?

I enjoy the way Telluride exists on the edge between the social/civilized world of the arts and the natural world .  The international standard and quality of music, film and arts within a socially viable mountain town being surrounded by wild lands offers a real contrast that is hard to find.  I like the interplay of these expressions the best.

What would make for a better Telluride?

"If this ain't heaven, heaven can wait!"  Better seems a dangerous way of going about "improving" a collective experience.  A better library, oh done that.  More accessible locally grown food, the farmer's market works well, except in the winter, duh.  More bicycle riding opportunities, the bike path is fine, town riding is a dream.  More people rooted in a simpler way of life. 

What would make for a more sustainable Telluride?

After a quick definition check: sustainable means "to support from below", "capable of being continued with minimal long term effect on the environment", "relating to or being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged".  A "sustainable Telluride" would then "support from below" and not be a top heavy behemoth.  Fortunately, there are empowered people in our community asking these questions and formulating solutions, step one.  Other elements to work on would be food production- greenhouses with aqua-culture fish tanks, where the waste from the tanks feeds the garden beds.  Then by utilizing the verticality of our slopes we circulate the water with solar pumps and then use the gravity to charge micro-hydro generators......  Although, this can be seen as airy fairy, "pie in the sky" dreamspeak, babble.  My point here, is we need to figure out how to make better use of what we do have instead of being so reliant on importing in all the things we think we need. 

On a national level what would be change you could believe in?

Why would I go to such great lengths to live away from the national level if I wanted to participate?  I look forward to the day with amazement that I see "change" at a national level let alone believe in it.  Think Cosmically, Act Locally!!  So long as corporations are running America, change must begin with ourselves, one person at a time. Grass roots is the way to change the national level.

What makes life worth living?

The opportunity we have to effect the future generations with our conscious choices.  There are so many ways to design and exploit our limitations.  May we use our shrinking resources more wisely to create sustainable solutions that will outlive us.


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