Hamburger Asks Kris Holstrom
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 Hamburger Asks
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1. What do you like best about Telluride?

The incredible scenery and the fact that I have the privilege of waking up to it every day...

2. What would make for a better Telluride?

Community training in civility and leadership. Learning how to disagree and still work towards consensus and that elusive 'common good.'

3.What would make for a more sustainable Telluride?

Energy efficiency retrofits for ALL, community greenhouses and teleportation (to solve the transportation dilemma).

4. What is the most important thing you do for sustainability in the region?

While all of our efforts are focussed on making a difference locally and regionally, I believe the most important thing I do is help future generations through teaching, volunteering, showing them that I care about their future, that they have skills and ideas that we need - and that they matter.

5. On a national level, what would be change you could believe in?

Put a tax on carbon with dividends to taxpayers. It's a simple and elegant solution that avoids the complexity of cap and trade and other schemes that just won't work.


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