You Break It, You Buy It
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You walk into a Main Street gift shop and pick up that cute little Precious Moments figurine of a child waving a flag. You think, “How cute, I’ll choose this one!” On your way to the checkout counter, gazing blindly at your new acquisition, you trip on a tear in the carpet that the owner has ignored and failed to repair. The little sculpture slips out of your hand and comes crashing to the floor shattering into seven hundred billion shards.

The store goes silent. Then the store manager points to a sign on the wall that reads: “You Break It – You Buy It.” You complain that it wasn’t your fault. The manager says, “Sorry, that’s store policy.”

Grudgingly you open your wallet or pocket book and hand over the fifty bucks. You walk out feeling cheated and victimized, thinking “I should’ve never gone into that store,” knowing all the while you’ll be back the next time you need to buy a cute little gift for Aunt Sarah.

Guess what America, we broke it, we bought it! Twice in a row we’ve elected a corrupt, dishonest and incompetent administration whose policies have catered to the rich at the expense of the poor and middle class while ignoring the obvious problems that have allowed our economy to come crashing to the floor. We have nobody to blame but ourselves. Maybe we should think twice before making the same mistake for a third time. Let’s not patronize that “establishment” any more.

We should quit whining about our plight and do something about it! This Nov. 4 let’s open our eyes and elect a leader that will change the direction of our beloved country and fix the tear in the rug so we don’t trip over it again!

Barack on, America!

Rusty Weaver, Ridgway
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Show me what the man
October 24, 2008
has done...been running for office two of four years in the senate; aided by a complicit liberal media he whooped known socialist Clinton. Launched his state senate career in the home of police killer and known unrepentant domestic terrorist William Ayres; spoke of his daughter being pregnant as punishment in "I wouldnt want to punish her" and in doing so excused her decision to put her welfare over the welfare of her unborn child. Has never authored or sponsored a bill of any merit in either legislative post he has held; chooses to say "present" when he needs to show everyone in black and white where he stands..something this country and the world needs to know..where does he stand? The list is endless as will be the four years of arching left toward Gomorah if he wins the election...
Terry Cohen
October 12, 2008
Right on Rusty! Maybe it's not entirely my fault, but I still would like to help fix it and I intend to do so November 4th. America is limping badly and I'm hoping that most will want to help it get back on its feet by voting for Obama.

Terry Cohen