We Don’t Need to Rename Telluride Post Office
by John Roth
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I recently returned from an extended time out of town to discover, much to my incredulousness, that there has been an attempt to rename the Telluride Post Office.The Telluride Post Office has carried that name with dignity, honor, and respect since 1887. Hasn't that served us well? The new name would have none of the attributes dignity, honor or respect.

I seriously question the direction and intent of the cognitive processes of those who now want to change the name to the General Schwarzkopf Post Office. In my own opinion this is just another visual aspect in the moral decay which raises its ugly head all too often in modern day America. Is this the kind of mentality that we really want to look up to in this day and age, or permit in our governmental processes. Hasn't it already done enough to destroy the world?

It may be interesting to note that when our honorable mayor purported this idea to the Telluride town council he did not receive even one vote, which says something about the integrity and intelligence of the council. The County Commissioners also reacted in the same manner of disapproval, with an eloquent speech by Commissioner Goodtimes against this idea.

This is a man with the blood of a million murdered human beings on his hands, many of which were innocent women and children. Do we really want to lionize violence and war, and this man who is the symbol of the worst of what is wrong with the world today?

Wake up, this is 2013, not 1013, can't we be civilized instead of barbarians. Haven't we learned that violence is always wrong? That's the bottom line, folks, there is never an excuse for violence, no matter under what circumstances. We need to evolve and mature to the basic premise that all things can be resolved peacefully. If we put as much energy into peace as we do into war, we could always find a resolution that would be devoid of violence. It is interesting to note that almost all wars are fought for money. Will that money really be an asset to the greed heads who perpetuate this greatest of evils?

Not only are wars the most ugly face of violence, but look at what they have done to bankrupt nations, perhaps the most guilty of which is our own. Aren't there causes which would warrant the expenditure of these hundreds of billions that would help humanity rather than destroy it? You cannot murder your way to peace. Hello?

Thank you to the person, strangely unnamed, who wrote the great letter to the Watch. I would encourage all of you to contact Sen. Udall at 970 245-9553, and talk to Jerry, or 970 247-1047 and talk to Wanda to express your disapproval of this bad idea. 

Lets try to evolve and mature towards peace and reject any attempts to be part of those who still glorify violence, and those like the General who are most guilty of perpetuating it.

There are warmongers are dinosaurs who are still walking on the planet. Their time is limited They have no place in the light of the future. That light encompasses compassion, love, and wisdom, and they know none of these attributes. Light is more powerful than darkness, and evil will never outlive goodness. It is gasping its last, and lets not become part of

that losing process by renaming our Post Office for a man who represents all that is wrong and out of time with the earth.

We don't need another name, any other name, for our Post Office, thank you. Ours has served us well.

Thank you.

– John Roth

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