Trade Talks Should Kick Cutler Into Shape
by Gus Jarvis
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Is Jay Cutler really on the trading block with coach Josh McDaniels at the helm? As of Tuesday morning the prospect of Cutler being traded was still uncertain. First he was then he wasn’t. And now I am not so sure if McDaniels wants to keep him around anyways.

What I do know is that out of this situation Denver will either get a better quarterback or Cutler will shape up and start playing winning football.

On Tuesday, The Denver Post reported that Cutler was steaming after he found out last weekend that he was part of a possible trade that would have sent him to Tampa Bay in exchange for at least a first-round draft pick. With that, the Broncos were to then trade that pick to New England for last season’s Patriot sensation Matt Cassel.

I admit when I first heard that Cutler was on the trading block I thought it was one of the dumbest ideas in Denver Bronco history. But when I learned that the trade deal would have brought Cassel to Denver, it suddenly made sense and I was kind of disappointed to see Cassel go to the Chiefs.

Not that I want some sort of Western version of the Patriots, but Cassel was good last year, better than Cutler. Cutler’s agent, Bus Cook, told The Post on Monday that Cutler, who is holed up in his Tennessee home, was still pissed about being put up for trade.

“I do think under the circumstances it was poor on their part if in fact they were trying to trade Jay,” Cook told the newspaper. “You don’t know what’s true and what’s not true. Depends on what you read. It’s unfortunate because Jay was getting in the groove out there in Denver, and all this just threw him out of kilter.”

Throughout last season, while screaming at the television set every time Cutler screwed up and threw an interception, I stuck up for him. I honestly believe that he could be a great quarterback in Denver. But his agent’s statement pisses me off.

Really, Jay, you are getting into the “groove” in Denver? Would you say you are leading the team to victory? Hell no! Denver sucked last year. The only thing worse than the Broncos’ offense was their defense. And yes, Jay, I know you went to the Pro Bowl last year. We need an offense that can dig our shitty defense out of a hole. While we have set our team up to do so the past three years, it has yet to be done.

When Cutler was minimally impressive his first two seasons, I thought, “Just give him a chance, he will mature and pull through. He will be good, I know it.” And in those first two seasons we were all patient. He made mistakes along with the rest of the team. But what they needed was a leader on the field.

Last season opened with promise. During a stomping of the Raiders one of the Denver receivers dropped a perfectly thrown ball by Cutler. Cutler jumped to his face and got on him for dropping it. “Damn,” I thought, “maybe this will be the year Cutler will actually be a leader.” I was fired up.

One dismal season later and we still have a mediocre quarterback and no leader. Can we blame McDaniels for looking to bring his buddy Cassel over from New England? Absolutely not. (McDaniels hasn’t confirmed that he put Cutler up for trade but said that he has received some trade phone calls from other teams.)

The best thing this whole trade blunder could do is kick Cutler in the ass and get him playing smarter and harder. He should realize that nobody is safe from trades and that he has not yet earned the name franchise player. If he doesn’t want to work with Denver’s new and proven coach, he has a problem, not Denver.

We will find out on March 16 if Cutler is ready to bury the hatchet when players are scheduled to begin a voluntary off-season workout. Will he show up and work with Denver’s new coach or will he be a pain in the ass about all of this?

I am not married to Cutler. Are you?
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Hoop Diesel
March 05, 2009
Cutler needs to just shut up and play ball. The NFL is a business- welcome to the real world that everyone else lives in Cutler. He should be happy to hear other teams are interested in him, not pissed- it means he is marketable. He should only be pissed off if nobody wants him.

First he talks about how his arm is stronger than Elway's (which is a load of crap- easy to through harder when you're 3 feet off in accuracy), then he says it again on Rome is Burning, then he acts like a whiney bitch when his name is involved in trade talks. He is really starting to piss me off.

I agree with Bean-zie, and would add that Cutler has not proven a thing to me. He has the potential, but who doesn't at that level? How many rings do you have Cutler? How many play-off wins? How many As did you get in school? The answer is 0.

I hope he chokes on a chicken bone, but not die. Just enough to scare him straight, and have the realization to shut up and just play ball. And get a hair cut too...looks like an 8 year old from a 1980's sitcom. Then I will again have his back. Until then...Go Josh McD.
Gus J.
March 05, 2009
Denver's Offense is starting to look good now that we have got a hold of a few running backs but what about our D? Is that still going to suck? I am tired of not having a D.
March 05, 2009
Cutler is acting like a bitch but I have to say I have his back. Elway did not play great his first three seasons but look what he became. Cutler is cocky which I think any good quaterback needs to be, I think the Pro-bowl went to his head a little(I'm glad he got tossed in the pool). He is going to be great, I just hope it is for the broncos. McDaniels needs to keep his focus on the Defense and make a game plan that works to cutlers strengths, not Cassels smarts..
March 05, 2009
i'm not married to cutler with his 17-20 overall record. jake the snake was 34-20 or something, and 7-4 when shanny made the switch. cutler's got good skills but he's a mental midget and he needs to mature if he's going to be a winner in this league.