Too Little Info, too Late (and too Rude) Regarding Telluride’s New Green Energy Code
by Paul Derence
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I wanted to thank you for taking the time to read this email in regards the recent article that was published about the Green Energy code that was approved on Tuesday. I am co-owner of Hot Water Productions in Montrose. We have been providing our products and service in the Montrose and Telluride areas for the past 25 years.

I was notified around four months ago from another colleague in the Telluride area that the Town Council was putting together a committee to structure a plan for greener building and operations, and that spas were listed as one of the items.

I asked to be in the loop with any updates to the matter, and I have been checking with local media sources to find out more information about this project.

On Monday, June 21, at 6:25 p.m., a person by the name of Kim Wheels left me a voice mail on my office phone asking if I would answer some questions she had about spa efficiency. She informed me that she needed the info before her meeting took place at 10 a.m. Tuesday (less then 16 hours away). I received the message Tuesday at 7:45 a.m. and made multiple attempts every half-hour to contact her at the number given before the meeting took place at 10 a.m.

I never did get hold of her Tuesday, and made a follow-up call with a message again on Wednesday, June 23, again with no contact nor call back.

This morning (Thursday, June 24), I read the article about the passing of the new code and was shocked that something like this could take place with so little research being made on behalf of the coalition. I finally spoke with Kim (Thursday) and expressed my concern with the lack of communication and she seemed not the least bit interested in hearing my concerns.

All she could say was she got her information from another mountain community that had gone through the same process.

I’ve worked with representatives of San Miguel Power Association to create an exception to their audit packet in regards to spa efficiency, as not all spas are created equal. Whereas some spas may be very inefficient and consume a great amount of electrical, a lot of spas are much more efficient that many of the household appliances that are overlooked in the code enforcement. We base our spas’ energy consumption solely on our kwh rates for San Miguel and Delta-Montrose Electric Assn. to come up with monthly operating costs that are backed by a written guarantee.

The average portable spa we install in the Telluride area will consume on average $15 a month in electrical costs. Compare that to your ski boot warmer or heated towel rack that is not under scrutiny!

I understand that there is a need for “greener” models, not just in Telluride but for our society in general; I believe, however, that the solutions that this committee has come up with are from sources that may have provided some false information.

I also found it very profound that in the article that Mr. Oyster would make such a derogatory statement that in essence implies that all in this trade are “drunks.” I was never informed, nor was I able to access any solid information, about this coalition, nor the schedule of meetings that took place.

You would think that if he was surprised that more representatives did not show, that the council or the coalition would have made more of an effort to contact and inform companies that this code may affect their business.

I believe that this new code enforcement is a huge step backward in the process of green standards for Telluride and that this new code will have a very dramatic negative impact on the local economies.

I would hope that you might share this message with your readers so that they can see this from another perspective as well as the fact that because there was little information to the public about the processes leading up to these decisions, I would find it hard to believe that anyone not involved even knows what kind of impact this may have on the Telluride community as well as the surrounding areas that provide support for local business.

– Paul Derence, Sales/Service Manager, Hot Water Productions, Montrose
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Yes, no hot tubs
July 02, 2010
and no touching any of your trees in town...

You are commanded to ignore the fact that we are surrounded on all four sides by National Forests...

We have a tree shortage if we say listen up and get used to it..
hey bud..this is
July 02, 2010
1984 and the facts dont matter...

lookit at the health care bill..everyone insured and the regime promises a trillion dollar in savings...and then 87 days after he signs it into law..the CBO it will cost an additional 1.34 trillion...

Press doesnt care...mebbe they made a side deal on the first amendment with the regime like Big Pharma..

And locally..facts dont matter..what matters is that we citizens have no input..this bunch in town are smarter than us second and third homeowners..this regime, for the most part, have accomplished little of any personal achievement accept seize power when we werent looking and more hut tubs....

Gotta laugh ...joining the NRA now before we lose the right to freely associate if you know what I mean...

July 02, 2010
I agree Paul, it seems this council is working backwards. I myself have a hot tub and it does not consume very much engery at all. I would have liked to see some changes in other policies with much more of a priority than hot tubs.