The Real Scandal
by Holly von Helms, Montrose
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The alleged IRS Scandal has been diminished to a lesser investigation based on the fact, according to Forbes, that the Cincinnati supervisor, a self-professed conservative Republican, has stated that he "has no reason to believe that anyone in the White House was involved in the decision to screen Tea Party cases." The IRS was just doing its job and rather poorly.  No scandal, just poor judgment. Sorry.

Benghazi was a tragedy, but not a scandal. Terrorists have attacked U.S. property and personnel many times over the years. In 1983 suicide bombers killed 241 American servicemen in the Beirut barracks bombing. There have been 23 terrorist attacks against U.S. citizens since 1990.  Horrendous? Yes! A scandal? Sorry.

The AP surveillance? Congress voted for the Patriot Act.  We put journalists in jail for not revealing sources, yet we holler “scandal” when our Justice Department tries to identify the source of confidential security leaks? Seems to me this administration is damned if it does and damned if it doesn't.  

Could we get on with the business of what's best for the country, like jobs and the economy,  education and health care?

P.S.  Where is the Tea Party outrage at the “spending” of $955 billion for farm subsidies? That's more than the stimulus, which they voted against, and more than the cost of Obamacare, which they hate. Oh, yeah, the money is mostly going to big agribusiness.  Now I get it.

The hypocrisy and hyperbole is more than I can tolerate, especially since they cut food stamps.  No food for the hungry.  Sorry.


– Holly von Helms, Montrose

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