Thank You for Supporting Our Businesses
by Bob Harnish
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The residents of Telluride have spoken. Ballot Issue 2A, the Telluride Beverage tax, was defeated by sixty-nine percent of the vote.

On behalf of Telluride's business community, thank you.

Together, we took a stand to protect the local economy and tourist industry. Local businesses always appreciate the support of our customers. Today, we want you to know that we appreciate your support even more. 

Ballot Issue 2A would have imposed a penny-per-ounce tax on all sugar-sweetened beverages sold in Telluride, but it would have had an even greater impact on our businesses. The Telluride beverage tax was so poorly written that it placed the burden of collecting the tax and filing all paperwork associated with the tax on local business owners. It had hidden compliance costs that Telluride businesses simply could not afford. 

To those residents who supported Ballot Issue 2A, the outcome of this election is in no way a commentary on the fight against childhood obesity. As a community, we are already doing really well when it comes to fighting childhood obesity. That's why we've kept physical education in schools. The simple fact is, taxes do not make people healthier – making educated, balanced choices about our diet and exercise does. And as a community, we need to do more to ensure that the next generation grows up with a solid understanding of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle. But we need to focus on real solutions that will have a meaningful impact. 

The people of Telluride have spoken. It's time to put the Telluride beverage tax behind us and move forward with more robust and sensible conversation. All members of our community should be partners in this fight. If what benefits one side only hurts the other, then we haven't accomplished anything. It's common sense to bring all parties together with the intention of making a real difference.


– Bob Harnish

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