Telski’s Future Vision
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I have just completed taking Telski’s “Telluride Ski Resort Survey” and I feel compelled to voice an outcry to my fellow townsfolk regarding many of the ideas for possible expansions to the local ski resort. Once again Dave Riley exposes his heinous desire to overly expand ski operations throughout our beautiful mountain range without any thought or comprehension of the horrific consequences such activity will evoke upon this magical place we call home.

Ideas such as constructing monster lifts between Telluride, Ophir and Silverton, as well as continued expansion into sacred Bear Creek Canyon, more restaurants, and ziplines for the summer all leave me cold and angry! I realize that these are just ideas and not currently being implemented, but I think you get the idea on what they are capable of pushing on their expansion-oriented agenda.

Mr. Riley and company won’t be happy until all the animals in the high forest have departed, and there is no sanctuary left at all in our mountain basins. He is pushing a “nothing is sacred and commercial zone everywhere” mentality for our mountain home, much to the detriment of the environment we cherish so much.

The Telski survey is open until 7/31/10…please voice your opinion through the survey on Telski’s website, to our local newspapers, your friends and members of town government. In line with Rob Schultheis’s recent article regarding “Farewell to Dreams,” I believe that we need to become alert to the poison being generated in our immediate surrounding area under the guise of development, progress, and sophistication. If we do not “tune in” and become vocal opponents of this rampage, then the Telluride dream will truly be gone…forever! The time to fight this ugly expansionistic philosophy is upon us!

Stephen McComb, Telluride
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