Raptors Tie Durango En Route to Two Wins
by 9 Sanders
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GOOD DEFENSE - A Fireballers player (left) kicked the ball through Ouray County Wildkats defenders Charlie Hunt (left) and Emersyn Gentry.
GOOD DEFENSE - A Fireballers player (left) kicked the ball through Ouray County Wildkats defenders Charlie Hunt (left) and Emersyn Gentry.
MONTROSE – The Ridgway Raptors U12 co-ed soccer team, part of the Montrose Recreational League and the Ouray Soccer Program, held their own in a 2-2 tie against the Durango Wanderers in Montrose on Saturday morning, April 26. Younger players Michael Kriegshauser, Joshua Zaugg and Jonathon Zaugg assisted the regular lineup in their game.

Jake Cunningham scored the first Raptors’ goal from the corner of the wind-swept fields. Avery Folsom blocked a Durango player, giving Sarah Baker her first shot on net as a Raptor. Marten Kendall broke up a frightening 3-1 play, booting the ball the length of the field to Jack Middleton. Goalie Derek Hanshaw snatched a breakaway, sending the ball up to Robert Ragle.

As the fourth quarter began, the Wanderers led 2-1. The Raptors launched a series of attacks, with shots by Joshua Zaugg, Cunningham, Kiva McCarty, and Abel Lannan. In the closing minutes of the game, McCarty launched a soaring mid-field shot that glanced off Cunningham’s head to tie the game at two apiece.

In their afternoon game, the Raptors soared over Durango Two. Cunningham started the onslaught, scoring two goals assisted by a visiting player, Anthony M. Teammates Ragle and Kendall trapped a loose ball, passing to Baker who tapped the ball up to Anthony. Anthony launched a long cross for deflection by Josh Crull for the Raptors’ third goal.

For their fourth goal, Middleton took the ball along the sidelines, swept into the middle and scored. Folsom, eager for her own scoring attempt, raced to intercept a Durango player, got tangled up and flew through the air, ending with an impressive head-first landing. Courageously, she bounced up and ran onward.

During the second half, Cunningham assisted Anthony in scoring an empty-net goal, the team’s fifth. Anthony launched a corner kick, which Hanshaw headed into the corner of the Durango net for the Raptors’ sixth goal. Lannan scored the final goal to end the game 7-0.

Ridgway U11 Raptors Outlast Telluride 5-3

The Ridgway Raptors outmaneuvered the Telluride Crossfire U11 team 5-3 at Solar Ranch in Ridgway on Monday evening, April 28.

Jasmine Braund trapped a Crossfire shot with her chest, arching the ball to Cunningham who scored the Raptors’ first goal. As the Crossfire offense pressured the Raptors, a miscommunication between Raptor goalie Hanshaw and defenseman Crull allowed the loose ball to wobble into the Raptors’ net, knotting the score at 1-1.

Later on, Braund again intercepted a Crossfire ball, carrying it along the sidelines to Cunningham, who hit an upper corner of the net to put Ridgway up 2-1. Cunningham scored a direct penalty kick to end the first half with the Raptors leading by two goals.

Ridgway’s McCarty started the second half with another direct penalty kick, bringing the score to 4-1. Leta McNatt broke up an alarming 2-1 play, launching the ball up to Lannan and Quinlin McNatt. Next, Jack Middleton’s breakaway ended with a thrilling thud, earning him a direct penalty kick and his first goal of the game.

McCarty’s excellence in goal saved an indirect penalty kick, holding the Raptors’ lead. As the sun set and the game ended, Crossfire scored a direct penalty shot for a game final of 5-3.

Bears Take Olathe

The Golden Bears of Ridgway outlasted Olathe 3-1 in Montrose on Saturday, April 26 during Montrose Rec League play.

Andrew Sherwood and Eli Hietala crashed into each other while racing toward the sidelines, knocking the soccer ball to Alistair Fene. Fene passed across to Lincoln Sackman, who scored the first goal. An excellent save by goalie Maya Crull ended the first quarter.

Next, Laura Hanshaw and Sackman worked the ball forward to Kikito Meraz, who scored the Bears’ second goal. Elizabeth Ragle bounced a loose ball to the edge of the net, where Meraz snuck in a goal for the third tally of the game, ending the second quarter. Defenders Crull, McKinley Mueller, Shelby Hernandez, and Ethan Casselberry shut down Olathe. Fourth-quarter goalie Michael Sella snatched a penalty shot to clinch the Bears’ victory.
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