Prairie Dog Moonscape
by Ed Andrews
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Some years back The Town of Telluride and friends set forth a plan to condemn the valley floor and ultimately purchased the acreage on the south side of Hwy 145 leading into Telluride for open space. Many people actually contributed to raise the capital to buy the property. 

In recent years, prairie dogs mysteriously showed up and over time, have populated the valley floor. First seen in the area near the filling station and close to town but most recently, they are populating every meadow along the strip from Society Turn all the way across the land.

The moonscape that we get to see every day near the store and gas station will soon expand throughout the valley floor and the beautiful entryway to Telluride that mesmerized us all will no longer be there for us or for the generations to come. Just drive to/from Telluride and look out on the meadows. You will see the increased populace all the way out and across from Hillside and Eider Creek. Mounds everywhere. 

I've been told that one pair of prairie dogs can make four to six babies every year and we were told that the Town of Telluride would manage the population and would keep them to one small area. That promise has not been kept. They are crossing over the the property on the north side.

Dead looking acreage is increasing and now creeping out along the entire stretch of Highway 145 leading to Telluride. There are mounds built even near the waste water treatment plant.

This expansion must be stopped and your voice must be heard. Don't allow the beauty of the valley floor to be ruined for years and decades to come. Don't allow the excuses and the rhetoric of how they oxygenate the soil and kickstart the ecosystem to be the guide for ruination of this special and unique land which we all love and paid for. 


– Ed Andrews, 32-Year Resident

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