Phone-Tag Brett Acting Like a Retired Quarterback
by Gus Jarvis
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Does Brett Favre still have some unresolved feelings about Green Bay? With his sharing of classified Green Bay information to anyone willing to listen, it would seem so.

Last weekend, reported that Favre called Detroit Lions President Matt Millen a few weeks ago to give him information on how to beat Green Bay – or at least, how Green Bay, when Favre was there, would prepare to play the always-terrible Lions.

In case you have forgotten, or have at least tried to, Brett suffered a heart-splitting breakup with the Packers during the pre-NFL season. He had second thoughts about retirement and wanted back in, but Green Bay had already made other plans and told Favre no thank you. So instead of hanging his cheese head, he signed with the Jets. It was high drama – worse than what you would find in the girls bathroom during a middle school dance.

This week, Brett had to formally deny any secret-sharing allegations and said that he didn’t call Millen, Millen called him… you know, to go hunting.

“I didn’t give him any game planning,” Favre said in a press conference on Wednesday. “I haven’t been in that offense in over a year. I don’t know what else to tell you. It was pretty simple.” Favre said he received the call from Millen while he was traveling home and the two talked mainly about hunting… and a little about football.

Now, if I am to believe Favre – that Millen called him to talk hunting – I have to believe that what Millen had in his sights was information on Green Bay. And who can blame him. The Detroit Lions are so, so very bad that something has to be done, all ethics aside. Detroit is winless so far and that record doesn’t look to improve any time soon. I don’t blame Millen for calling Favre. Sometimes, you just have to fight dirty.

On the other hand, maybe it really was Brett who called Millen to share some Green Bay secrets. This scenario is as good as it gets and would be proof that Brett, despite how excited he may seem to be playing for the now dismal Jets, really wants to be in Green Bay.

Led by the young arm of Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay now sits in second place in the NFC North, behind the Bears. Rodgers, a little shaky at times, is leading the team to some well-deserved victories and everyone in Green Bay has forgotten about Uncle Brett. I guess I would make some calls, too.

It was’s Jay Glazer who first reported Brett’s secret-sharing story, and he is sticking to it. “I stand by my story 1,000 percent,” Glazer told The Associated Press. “I guess Brett and I will just agree to disagree on certain things. The way I do my work, I don't go on what just one person told me. I investigated this fully and for quite some time. I spoke with several sources, and when I go with something, I make sure it's dead-on. I think my track record speaks for itself.”

According to The New York Times, Glazer’s report was based on anonymous sources (the best kind) and has not been confirmed publicly by anyone within the Packers or Lions organizations. But Lions Coach Rod Marinelli seemed to give a little truth to the matter when he responded with “no comment” when questioned last Monday and Tuesday.

Loose-lips Brett is giving out information to anyone who will listen. Hell, he may even be giving information to the Dallas Cowboys.

Apparently, Favre also called Cowboy QB Tony Romo, but this time he was just sharing some advice on how to play through injuries.

“Next thing I know, I’m calling everyone in the league, giving out secrets,” Favre said. “I’m willing to help, but it’s awful ridiculous.”

The hard truth is Brett needs to hand up the phone and instead get his act together on the field. Right now, he is playing terrible ball (and at the cost of Chad Pennington’s once blossoming career in N.Y., who was sent to Miami of all places because Brett needed a place to play).

Brett wants to play ball without giving up all the perks of a retired quarterback – playing phone tag, sharing gossip, starring in commercials, planning hunting trips. Last week’s overtime loss to the Raiders, which he said was one of the most disappointing in his career, was inexcusable.

Brett, pull your head out of your ass for the sake of all us good, betting Americans. Worry about playing football. You can play phone tag in the off season.
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October 23, 2008

Thanks for writing about this. The main stream media has given Favre a pass but this should be right up there with Spygate. If I were a Packer fan, and thank god I am not, I would be furious. Your most recognizable iconic player is throwing your organization under the bus and it's obvious. Jay Glazer wouldn't report this if it wasn't true. This is another reason why Brett BenedictFavre can't hold Johnny Ballgame's jockstrap. That and Superbowl XXXII